Free Abortions in Honor of Tiller Denounced As “Sick”

Philadelphia, PA – Operation Rescue is appalled to learn that Philadelphia Women’s Center gave away free abortions on Tuesday as a means of “honoring” slain late-term abortions George Tiller.

“There seems to be no comprehension of the value of human life with these people. Killing babies for free to honor someone who was murdered can only be described as sick,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The abortion clinic told the media that an unspecified number of abortions were done free of charge, but there are no further plans to offer additional free abortions.

“There is no such thing as a ‘free abortion,’” said Newman. “It costs the life of an innocent baby and puts the women at risk for increased problems in their lives. The loss of each innocent life diminishes us all.”

Studies show that women who have received abortions are more at risk for problems such as suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness.

“If the people running that abortion clinic really wanted to help women, they would follow the Tiller family’s example and close their clinic for good,” said Newman.

they did this after the 9/11 tragedy.

This makes me very angry…especially since I read that in Phildadelphia there is a very high rate of abortions among minorities.

Darn it !!

Sometimes I feel like I’m having a nightmare that won’t end! Can these abortion people do anything more disgusting or gohulish (sp?)?
Blessed Mother please forgive us as the human race for what some do to your precious children. Please ask you blessed son, Jesus, to help there to be an end to the sin of abortion.
May God bless & keep safe all of the unborn. May God bless all the mother’s and help them to realize that what is in their wombs is God-given and precious.
In Christ,

Just goes to show once again the abortion clinics indeed are making most of their money by selling the body parts of the babies.

Big business this.

Money, money, money, money…

Satan is a liar.



God have mercy on us all.

i feel the same way. it is a nightmare that we can’t wake up from. disgusting is a good word.

thanks for the beautiful prayers as well.


I don’t know what to say

This is why killing abortion doctors is dangerous. It fuels pro abortion lunatics rage. But God will work it so that more good comes out of Tiller’s death because his clinic is closing. If Tiller was forgiven, which I hope he was, he is greatful that his clinic is closed.

The depravity of the abortion industry is shocking. More people need to protest out side of clinics.

Sick, sick, sick!

Just remember our current President wants to replace “free” abortions with taxpayer funded abortions.

OK, then. do them all free! :mad:

It does send a strong message to those that would use violence to end abortion. This is the sort of attitude we should always meet terrorist with.

So we should send the message that killing is wrong by killing childen fo free?

Sir please consider the following: A terrorist has assaulted and murdered a man to stop something you think is right and just. How would you respond?

I would hope the police would arrest him and he be given a fair trial. i most certainly wouldnt have a special “kill your children for free day” in protest of his actions.

I do believe you missed my point. Not surprised really few can take off there idealogical blinders and look past them.

I can not imagine how anyone can look past 50 million dead children.

Tillers murderer should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Agreed and I think my point is still lost on you.

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