Free and Legal Sheet Music?

I hope this is the right place to put this.

Does anyone know where I can find free and legal sheet music?

I know most classical music is now public domain and all but is there anywhere I can find it? Free and legal. and are two of the sites we regularly check out.
My daughter is a pianist and cellist, and between the lesson costs and travel, it’s wonderful to have these resources when practice music is needed.[SIGN]it’s free[/SIGN]
[SIGN]and it’s legal[/SIGN]

I’ve visited and like it, but am still a bit unsatisfied. I did check out this site that seems absolutley wonderful but I’m still a bit doubtful that it’s completely legal, it does seem to be though.

This one lets you download two a day:

Err, for Classical/Piano only I think.

Wow, that one is impressive!

If you’re looking for any choral music, especially early/baroque polyphony, you can go to Choral Public Domain Library.

It has lots of Catholic Music of those periods and later.

So they’re legal?

I’m kind of at the end of a copyright phase which is making me nit-pick many things to make sure it’s legal.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly (not that I know of) there’s no real place to buy sheet music so the internet has been great, as long as it’s legal. And free would be nice too.

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