Free "Aquinas 101" Course by the Thomistic Institute

A free introductory course from the Order of Preachers:

From their website:
Aquinas 101 is a series of free video courses from the Thomistic Institute that help you to engage life’s most urgent philosophical and theological questions with the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. In the end, you’ll be able to read Aquinas on his own terms and to master the essentials of his thought.


That’s an ambitious project.


I think I might be up for that. Thanks for posting the link.


You’re welcome!

Well, I was just browsing around the forums, not planning on logging in to comment on anything, but I had to say thank you very much!

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This on line class is very worthwhile. Second week for me.

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You’re welcome! And thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the delay in my response.

Signed up for this and have subscribed on podbean so I can listen in my car on the way to work. Thanks for the post letting people know about it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. For anyone who would want to supplement this course or who would prefer reading an introduction to Aquinas there is a book that can be downloaded for free called Aquinas in 50 pages by Taylor Marshall. It’s a basic introduction but without the basics anything more advanced can’t be comprehended.


Awesome find, thanks for sharing it!

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My pleasure! Also, on a related note, I saw last night that now has the ebook version of “A Shorter Summa” by Peter Kreeft. It’s a very succint selection from the Summa, with lots of footnotes and a St. Aquinas glossary. The quote he includes from Flannery O’Connor at the beginning of his Introduction is priceless:

"I couldn’t make any judgment on the Summa, except to say this: I read it every night before I go to bed. If my mother were to come in during the process and say, “Turn off that light. It’s late,” I with lifted finger and broad bland beatific expression, would reply, “On the contrary, I answer that the light, being eternal and limitless, cannot be turned off. Shut your eyes,” or some such thing. In any case I feel I can personally guarantee that St. Thomas loved God because for the life of me I cannot help loving St. Thomas.”

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Nice work! I’m just getting caught up after a busy week. What’s your biggest takeaway so far?

Truthfully – I must give it more time – Slow learner here!

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Sorry for my delayed response–and if I put you on the spot! This is definitely something that I’ll be studying for…quite awhile, for sure :wink:

I’m starting to have more free time and getting caught up, but I think my biggest takeaway so far is that God is the author of both faith and reason, and thus, they cannot contradicted one another (even if they at times appear to do so).

I listened to the Fr. Thomas Joseph White on the Incarnation. I will listen to it for a third time. It was very helpful and enlightening for my heart, mind and soul. It is good to be put on the spot because I went back to the importance of study. Peace

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Worth putting in.

Well, it’s at least a start.

Here is another —

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