Free book for young readers

The Hidden Fortune – one of my novels for children ages 8 through 12-- is **available for free **from Friday, June 8, through Tuesday, June 12. It was originally published by Liguori.

What’s it about? So glad you asked!

The year is 1991 and everything is going just fine in Jeannette’s life—except for having to put up with her little brother, Pat. (What a pest!) But then Mom’s weird Uncle Jackie shows up, and not just for dinner but to stay. That’s where the mystery begins. It’s one she and her best friend Regina are sure they can solve.
Uncle Jackie dresses like a bum but could he really have a hidden fortune? And if they find out that he does, he’ll be willing to share it with them, won’t he?

(It’s a Kindle book but you don’t need a Kindle to read it. A PC, Mac, smart phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod works just fine.)



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