Free Book on my conversion to Catholicism

Greetings in Christ…

I recently fininshed a short book on my conversion from agnosticism, to Evangelical Protestantism, to Catholicism. The book is filled with comic-like illustrations and miraculous stories. The feedback I’ve gotten thus far has been very positive.

In an effort to embolden the troops, reach our separated brethren, and open the hearts and minds of skeptics, I would like to give away a free copy to anyone interested. Subsequent copies will be made available at cost, plus shipping & handling. (This is strictly a non-profit venture.)

If you’re interested, please call 717-939-6422 during normal business hours EST. and ask for “The Seed that Fell on Good Ground.” You may also write to:

Fortney Printing
512 Main Street
Bressler, PA 17113

This is a free offer really worth checking out! :thumbsup:

Best of Blessings…

Thank you I will check it out!

Wow, how neat :thumbsup:

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