Free Catholic Bible Studies for Advent Now Available!


Believe it or not, the beginning of Advent (November 30) is not all that far away. Now is the time to start planning an Advent Scripture study for your small faith group, your family or for yourself.

On my website (linked below) you will find everything you need to plan for and begin a simple Advent Scripture Study based on the Sunday readings. Many people who used the studies for previous Advent and Lenten seasons have told me how helpful they found them, especially in small faith sharing groups.

You can go directly to the Advent studies page by clicking here. More info to follow.

Advent 2014 (Cycle B)

Join the Advent journey toward Bethlehem by opening up God’s Word with the Church!


Thank you. Looks very good.


You’re very welcome.:tiphat:


Bumping up to the top for the weekend. :slight_smile:


Just a reminder: Advent’s coming! :slight_smile:


I’m starting to get a lot of e-mail inquiries from parishes and small faith groups about this year’s Advent Scripture Study. If you’ve been thinking about starting up a study group for Advent, the time to start planning is now! If you haven’t seen my FREE studies for small groups, take a look and see if you think it might be useful for your group!


Advent begins in 2 more weeks! Are you ready? :slight_smile:


This is so awesome! I love this season. For the past three years (I just got confirmed this past Easter) I have been attending Midnight Mass…and it’s been wonderful. I can’t wait :thumbsup: Thanks!


You’re welcome-- and welcome to the Church! :slight_smile:


Advent begins tomorrow. May you all have a blessed and holy Advent season. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting these, Fidelis. They are just what I was looking for.

Have a great Advent.


You’re very welcome. I hope you find it to be a blessing. :slight_smile:

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