Free Catholic book on Kindle!

Hi all,

I originally posted in the wrong forum – not sure how to move it.

I’m just starting out as a writer, and I’ve posted a new book on Kindle (it’s free for the next day or so). Give it a download and let me know what you all think. Hope it is OK I posted here – I’m new to the forum, but I figure it’s free so no big deal.

How to Pray The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Thanks for checking it out – please let me know what you think. If you like it leave a positive review. If you hate it let me know and I’ll fix it.

Keep spreading the Lord’s word,

Wyatt (WyattNorthPublishing [at] Gmail .com]

Looks nice. Liked the gold logo. But I would have liked more of a preview on Amazon. What’s inside the book? I couldn’t see.

Does the book come with an Imprimatur?

How do you get a book on Kindle? I have an elderly neighbor who collected miracles and wants to publish this cheaply. Please relay any information as we are dolts. Thanks!

Sorry for taking so long to respond!! The book was downloaded close to a thousand times in 5 days so it has been a crazy week. Hope those who downloaded enjoyed it.

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