Free Catholic Books on Kindle

If you’ve got a Kindle, you can pick up lots of Catholic books absolutely free!

All you have to do is go to Amazon, select Kindle in the drop down box, type Catholic in search, then sort by Price: Low to High (located on the upper right side of the screen).

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download Kindle onto your computer for free.


Can Kindle be downloaded to an iphone?

Can you tell how far I go with tech these days?

And to think I used to build computers for fun.

Yes, there is a Kindle app for iPhone (and all Apple devices). Just search for “Kindle” in the app store. Once you fire up the app, you log into your Amazon account and all your Kindle books will be there (though I think you have to download each book one at a time to your actual device).

Thanks Joe.

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Thank you so much for this tip!!!

There is also another thread on this: Free Catholic Books for Kindle, Etc

Kindle can also be downloaded to Android phones, its free.

Thank you for passing on about Catholic books on Kindle for free :slight_smile:

Thanks, there’s also a android app which shows the latest free books, some which only are free for a day, i post updates every time a catholic book becomes free on my twitter account @DouayRheims

Free catholic prayer book on kindle

Thanks for the link. :thumbsup:

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