Free Catholic eBooks

Hello all. We have just launched a free Catholic ebook website, Please check it out and let us know what you think.

The site looks very good. There are many Catholic classics on there. I’ve bookmarked it. Thank you! :thumbsup:

I just visited your site. It is going to be a great resource for Catholics to continue to learn about their faith. I have linked to it from my blog at

God Bless!

Thanks for the link and replies.:slight_smile:

Bookmarked by a book lover

Thanks so much! Im not even Catholic anymore, but it looks valuable and I will read many to the enhancement of my faith!!

Thanks again!

You should have a text listing of everything on there (perhaps with the text linking to the documents), you’d fit more titles on a page, and it’d be easier to read. Perhaps some way to search by author or title would be good too.

Just simple suggestions. The material is very good, though.

Thanks. I think you have all of it, but there’s another website; HERE. Go and check it out. It’s in Indonesian language, but the books are in English.

Good site :thumbsup:

If you want some constructive criticism though, perhaps you could give the site another look and style- something that will reflect both literature and Catholicism better. But thats purely the web design.

Also, it’s the Divine Comedy by Dante Aligheri

Excellent (but agree that the site could have a more serious look). I’ve bookmarked it.


Thanks so much. I’m starting off with Saint Kostka!

I downloaded Chesterton’s Heretics. The file format is not very reader friendly. The lines go only half-way across the page, and the text is triple or fourple spaced. I tried to copy the text into WordPerfect so I could reformat it, but the text wouldn’t copy.

Any of the other books like that?


Thanks Dave,
I’ll look into it anf fix it. Regards Paul.

Hi Dave,
Please try it again and let mr know if you think it is better.
Regards Paul.

Better. Now it’s only double-spaced. I would prefer single-spaced, but double is doable.

I’m pretty good at formatting things like this. If you get any more files you’d like formatted so they’re pretty, PM me.


How about this

Somebody please help–I have no trouble following the freecatholicbooks link on my lap-top, but when I try on Kindle fire I go instead to a for-profit site, $2 for Kindle and not many choices. Anybody know why/what’s wrong? How to get to this or other good free e-book sites?
God Bless you.

They may not be available for kindle. You probably have to download the books to your computer and transfer them to your kindle somehow. I believe it can be done, just not sure of all the steps. However if you look for certain books on the kindle store I’m sure you can find many Catholic classics for free individually, without going through the Catholic eBook website.

All you have to do is just email the file to your Kindle account and then download it. I did that with a .pdf of my own novel. Better be sure, tho, that it’s in a format that the Kindle device can read and display.

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