Free Catholic stuff

Free Catholic Music

Free Catholic and Saints movies

Free Saints books

Free Catholic Kids Stuff

Free Chastity Resources - Theology of the Body

Free Liturgy of the hours

Free Catholic Podcasts

Free Catholic Images

Free Catholicism book, by george brantl

Free Mother Angelica videos and mp3

Free Catholic Bible

Miracles of the Saints and Miracles of the church

Opus Dei - Penance and Mortifications

Prayer Guidance

Eucharistic Miracles (eucharist becomes real flesh and blood)

Perpetual Adoration right in your home

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Over 100 hours of Catholic Audio

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You have done a wonderful thing.
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Shin has also a great free saints books site

Also, St. Patricks Basilica Ebook, offers great numbers of saints books for free

May the merciful Jesus bless you

Insight, thank you so much for the links. The talks are awesome. I would greatly recommend it to everyone! Great catechism, and carmelite spirituality

You can watch Archbishop Fulton Sheen on youtube

You can download it using a free program called atube catcher:

Archbishop Fulton Sheen is highly recommended

You can download the series Life is worth living for free on

May the Merciful Jesus bless you

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