Free Christian Novel on Kindle

From now until Tuesday, June 21, Amaranth by A. J. Avila, a Christian novel about trusting God, is absolutely free on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s a quick little synopsis to tell you what it’s all about:

Would you take an elixir that made you perpetually young and physically immortal?
What if the price for it was your eternal soul?
Billionaire Desmond Sceller acquires such a wonder drug. But when eighty-year-old Marie Long is rejuvenated by it against her will, she quickly discovers unending beauty and youth is not the paradise it seems. Sceller, however, intends on using the elixir to entice all mankind into submitting to his tyrannical control. When Marie and her grandson Peter unearth this evil scheme, they soon discover that only an extraordinary sacrifice on their part can free humanity from Sceller’s nefarious plan.

For ages thirteen and up.

Sounds interesting. Thank you very much.

Checking this out now. :slight_smile:

And… check out her other novels! “Rain From Heaven” and “Nearer the Dawn”!

For $0.99 each… you won’t regret it! They are powerful, well-written books!


I’ve read “Nearer the Dawn” earlier. Good book. :thumbsup:

Just finished “Amaranth”. Fine piece of work, too! Why isn’t the NC Register featuring this sort of work? :):thumbsup:

Still free today!

Response has been terrific! According to Amazon, Amaranth is

#14 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Christian > Mystery & Suspense

Get your copy while it’s still free!

Today’s the last day of the free give-away. Get your copy now while it’s still free!

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