Free download of Catholic books, music, etc

I was looking for Catholic books and stumbled upon this amazing site, it enables free downloading of Catholic literature, music, etc, at

there is also a direct link for ebooks alone at

please check them out, if you are interested in Catholic literature, the sites are safe, and run by volunteers.


:thumbsup: thank you !

Thanks, it’s a good website.God bless

Thanks Allana,

I added them to my favorites list.

You’re welcome everyone, be sure to promote the site to others :slight_smile: and if you are a facebook user feel welcome to join the ‘Catholic Answers’ group there :slight_smile:

Here is the Catholic Catechism in Audio format:

Thanks for the links. I am going to look more into these books. I am very interested in some of the titles. The Douay-Rheims is a plus in any book reader’s collection

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