Free Kindle eBooks

Occasionally I find out that certain books are free for the Kindle, but it’s usually after the fact. :slight_smile: How can I easily find out what books are free for the eKindle on a given day? Is there a website or app that lists that days free ebooks?

Sign up for a daily email (select the genres you like such as history, children’s books, travel, etc.

Then they scan for daily free ebooks. I’ve gotten a lot of cookbooks this way (someday I may try to make something…with my mom’s help). I’ve also gotten children’s books (i’ve got nieces and nephews) and even travel books.

There are other sites that do the same thing. is another

I believe there is also a section on Amazon that has the top 100 free books daily.

Hope that helps!

thanks for sharing!

You can get free kindle books from or from

I subscribe toManybooks & it has lots of odd stuff (back issues of Parisian magazines).

All the free stuff at Amazon is either old enough to be public or self-published dreck. I have a Nook & I’ve had better luck with the cheap stuff rather than free, i.e. they have several “Complete Works of —” searchable by pub date, genre, &c. most for $3.99. I’m sure Amazon offers the same – or if not epub format can be converted to Kindle w/a free program called Calibre.

Happy hunting.

I think in the kindle store itself you can search for “free books” and a bunch will show up.

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