Free MP3 catholic apologetic downloads?


Does anyone know of any other free MP3 catholic apologetic downloads?

I have listened to most of the Peter Kreeft MP3’s that I mentioned in another thread and am anxious to know if there are any more gems out there that people have found.



I don’t know of any MP3’s but, Catholic Answers live has every show that they have ever broadcast in Real Media format. They are available for streaming or file download. The user must have a copy of Real Player to play the almost hour long shows.

I have downloaded several for others and some for myself. An invaluable tool! Thanks CA… God Bless all of your staff!

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The EWTN audio library has a huge selection of .ra files - you’ll need Real Player (or Real Alternative with Real Player Codecs)

Just search on a last name for any of the apologists that interest you. It’s incredible how many files are in the audio library - you can either stream them or you can right click and “Save Target As” to save the file on your computer. I can’t believe how much really good stuff is there! :slight_smile:

You can get a free copy of Real Alternative with the right codecs here:



Try this link:

Go to the audio section.


[quote=swimstud]Try this link:

Go to the audio section.

Thank you so much - I haven’t ever seen this before! :slight_smile:



<< Thank you so much - I haven’t ever seen this before! Elizabeth >>

Heck I had a whole bunch of debates up there before, but I got into legal problems after a few years. :stuck_out_tongue: Copyright violations finally caught up with me. :rolleyes: So I had to remove the debates.

I only include EWTN or Catholic Answers direct audio links up thru 2001 or 2002. You need Real Player for .ra .rm or .ram files. Just the audio links so you have to listen online.

BUT If you have a fast connection, you can download and listen offline. Here are both listen (for online) and download (for offline) links up thru 2005 (current)

Journey Home Complete List (up to 12 pages now)

Also see Household of Faith, with Kris Franklin and Ros Moss (16 part series)

Catholic Answers Live

Start there and work your way forward, should only take a couple years to catch up. May 1998 forward appears complete, some of the early programs are missing due to space I assume, including one with Michael Behe from Jan 1998 darn it :confused:

Phil P


So does anyone know an effective way to change real audio files to MP3’s? I do almost all of my listening while walking with my ipod, so in order to use all of these real audio files, I’d need to convert them first!



I haven’t tried it, but this freeware should do the trick:
(from )

Necessary Software

For this guide you will need to download and install Streambox VCR 2 (mirror).

Converting to mp3

Now, you’ll need to convert the .rm file that you’ve downloaded to .mp3. This is easy:

*]Load Streamripper (it was automatically installed with the Streambox VCR).
*]Drag the .rm file you downloaded onto streamripper.
*]Click on convert.
*]In “encode output file,” choose mp3.
*]Hit OK.

Good luck!


Pay no attention to the political rhetoric on the page. It’s the software that’s important…


If you’re interested more in the philosophical side, Peter Kreeft’s has some lectures posted here: and some of his articles are on the website too.

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Wow, for some reason when I read your post the first time you mentioning Peter Kreeft didn’t click, must be because I pretty much just got out of bed :sleep: . Anyway, I tried that Streambox program and it seems to work. The program seems a bit out of date and I got an error, but I found the solution as well as answers to other common problems here:
Hope this is a more helpful post.

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