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With the upcoming canonizations and constant media attention on Pope Francis, we’ve seen a renewed focus on the role and importance of the Papacy. We hope this talk helps you to articulate the beauty of the Church’s teaching! WHY DO WE HAVE A POPE?
Dr. Scott Hahn

Former Protestant minister, Dr. Scott Hahn, tackles the tough issue of the Papacy and defends the Catholic claim that the Pope is an integral part of Christ’s design for His Church. Become better equipped to respond to those who attack the crucial role of the successor of St. Peter in the Church’s mission.
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And YES, Matthew’s Gospel is reliable! It was written by an eye-witness, Matthew the Apostle. See

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I’m a member of Lighthouse Catholic Media, Scott Hahn does a great job on that topic. I also like the site that Dorothy posted. Tons of Catholic Mp3 files, and you don’t have to enter any personal information.

I am a member also. They also released another free one by Jason Evert that was pretty good. Thanks for the link. Here is another one that has talks by Fr. John Hardon…

Got that, they recently released 3 talks. I think this is something new, I started getting emails with links to free Mp3 files. Just listened to a purchased one by David Currie, he may be better than Scott Hahn.

Thank you JohnR77!!

And thanks everyone for the links to other sites with MP3s; I listen to audiobooks and MP3s a lot and this information might as well be wrapped in a gift bow to me!

Have a lovely, lovely day!

Jenny x

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