"Free" music downloads

This has probably been discussed ad nauseum in other threads, but I’m in a time crunch this morning.

My kids want to find a “free” music download site that is legit i.e. isn’t offering bootlegged or copyright-infringed music, or one that they can download cheap legit music.

My concern is for cookies, spyware, or other invasive catches. From what I’ve seen, if it’s free, it involves some sort of ads.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know of any legal and free music download sites other than individual artists who will sometimes offer a couple of songs for free.

iTunes is probably the most popular cheap download site, but if you are planning on putting it on an mp3 player that isn’t an ipod, make sure you only download iTunes Plus songs. Amazon also has mp3s for download now, most for $.99 I think. Emusic is one of the cheapest places I think, but you pay for so many songs a month and it is more indie music, not the major labels, so I’ve never actually used it.

It was kinda funny…my younger son got a Zune for Christmas and thought, “Wow!, it can hold 70,000 songs!”. Then he came to the realization of what it would cost to fill up his Zune at .99 per song!

:bigyikes: :rotfl: Minor details!

CronicBeats offers a wide selection of download free beats for a myriad of music styles. Our instrumentals are industry-ready and royalty free.

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