Free Online Apologetics Book


For those who dont know, Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong is offering a free online book (either in pdf or microsoft word format) for anyone who requests it. Here is his homepage to see for yourself. The book is called “Bible Conversation” which are apologetics talks he has had with Protestants. Dave is very good at showing the flaws in an easy to follow/understand format.

It turns out you have to email him and request it, so for those who want a good FREE apologetics read just email Dave and request the book “Bible Conversations” and he will email it to you:

p.s. IF you enjoy that book consider his amazing deal of 11 apologetics books for $15!!


Thank you Catholic dude…I love Dave…this sounds great!

IF you enjoy that book consider his amazing deal of 11 apologetics books for $15!!

You sound like a commercial…so much so that I figured the price would be $19.99…and that you might throw in an order of oxyclean:D


How about providing a link to the actual download…I got lost in his clutter.



Then I came back here to post a query and found you email Dave here requesting the book


So, is the book available free to Protestants also?


I wish he just had a link but he doesnt, you have to email him
and request it.

I agree, the way he has his page set up it takes you in circles trying to find it.


Yes, it is free to anyone.


Gee whiz fella! There are TONS of Catholic things free to you or anyone else.

Bible Christian Society

Catholic Home Study Service courses

The Mary Foundation

Have at it! :slight_smile:


Not quite, he’s missing the British Accent!


Yes he needs some organizational skills badly!:smiley:






Dave has a NEW page to DOWNLOAD the free e-book…this certainly BEATS the previous set up which had people going in circles to get something that was supposedly free.

Here is the new page, no waiting, just download the free book…its a great book to read:


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