Free online course on Benedictine spirituality

The monks of St. Procopius Abbey are offering a free online course on Benedictine spirituality this October. The course consists of five email lessons, and each lesson is followed by a reflection email where participants can submit their thoughts and insights on the topic.

The course is open to anyone looking to learn more about St. Benedict and his order, regardless of age, gender, or interest in religious life!

More information is posted online, where you can sign up through their Facebook page.

For those of us who don’t do facebook. :slight_smile:

The course will consist of five emails, one sent each day, and will cover the life of St. Benedict and of Benedictine monks, and the vocation stories of three men who have joined St. Procopius. There will also be emails prompting students to reflect upon each class. Students can sign up for one of two sessions. The first will run Oct. 14 – 18, and the second, Oct. 28 – Nov. 1.

Thanks for the heads up. Sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I signed up at their website. It was easy and fast. This is a Super idea. I hope it is beneficial to the abbey. It certainly will help – every step counts. :thumbsup:

did anyone take this course?


I did. Highly recommended. :slight_smile:

I did as well. It was OK but I thought it focused too much on vocation stories and too little on Benedict.

I did, and I really enjoyed it. Yes, much of the focus was on vocation stories of a few of those there, but it was very interesting. I would love to participate in another one, should they do another.

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