Free (or inexpensive) Catholic CD's

I like EWTN and Father Corapi, and I found a site that has very inexpensive CD’s or DVD’s on the mass, conversions, the rosary, etc. I ordered Fr. Corapi’s and it was wonderful. It was about an hour, where he talked of his conversion and asked at the end, for young men to really answer the call if they hear it…very inspiring.

Money is very tight, but I am thinking of not giving my weekly donation to the church next week and instead buying some of these and leaving them at the church for people to listen too and hopefully return for others to use. The have a few books too.

The link is

I have given donations for, and shared many of those CD’s.

My pastor does not allow parishioners to put out things of their choice to be taken by parishioners, so I share them with friends, and ask them to pass them on.

The Father Corapi testimony is very powerful! And all other CD’s I have gotten there are great to share with others.

I will certainly ask before I leave anything, although I notice at this church that item like books and prayer cards are left in the vestible by some. If for some reason he says No, I will give them to friends and I know of a church library that might like them.

I think the reason my pastor started that policy of nobody leaving anything is that some people were leaving things of questionable value to the spirituality of others. So, instead of bickering with others about why they couldn’t leave such and such, he decided to not allow anything at all.

So, we just share those things among ourselves and others we meet at the groups we go to, and that works just as well. :slight_smile:


I can see that, with so many “sounds catholic, but isn’t” material out there, you have to be careful. I know they accepted any EWTN material, trusting it. I asked EWTN for a packet that has thier TV schedule, prayers,calendars, things like that, to leave for some at church. Many haven’t heard of EWTN or don’t see it in some TV guides, and really like it when they “find” it.

Unfortunately, my pastor will not even allow us to leave anything promoting EWTN , except for one time when a woman from another parish was getting together a bus trip to EWTN, she went to our pastor and he allowed her to put out about two dozen flyers for weekday Mass goers to see.

I’m glad he allowed that, as that is how I got to go on the tour and visit EWTN for the first time!

That sounds like fun…wish someone would do it here, but in CT, we have a little further to go.

If those CDs are free to share, could I get in contact with somebody of you who would like to share them as mp3s?

I’m from overseas… the shipment wouldn’t be much cheap I guess

Just FYI…

There a bunch more free audio available for download from Fr. Corapi at

are these okay to download? I thought Fr. Corapi’s stuff was only available for purchase? I’d really like to know because I’d love to down load them if it is ethical.

You can hear Fr Corapi on Relevant Radio several times a week. It’s just a matter of figuring out the time difference.

I’d suggest that you download the “Podcasts” then you can listen to Catholic radio anytime you want because you download the episodes.

EWTN has some podcasts.

But I’d also suggest SQPN, which is an international apostilate has most of the best Catholic podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

I’m addicted to the Rosary Army and the SaintCast. Father Roderick’s Daily Breakfast is enjoyable and I never miss it and the Technopriest and Catholic Under the Hood are an inspiration. Catholic Rockers has some pretty good contemporary Catholic music and the PraiseCast has great spiritual music. They have many other podcasts that are worth listening to, some are updated every day, most are once or twice a week. The nice thing is they have a large variety so if you are in the mood for inspiration they have that, but if you want lighthearted Catholic family information, they have that too. . . and everything in between.

You can download any of these podcasts to your computer and burn them to CDs to make up your own.


They are from the EWTN site, I believe that they are the audio from the TV show so they should be legal

Lighthouse Catholic Media, CDs of the Month

The Mary Foundation

I’m also a revert from CT.
Welcome back good luck

My thoughts too.

Adding Surprised by Truth MP3s (Patrick Madrid)

I’m sure you know here’s a lot more from EWTN, not just Fr. John Corapi:

Look at that! I’ve got now some things to listen to! :smiley:

BTW, it’s absolutely legal. EWTN has got it on their website, however only in *.ram file format, so one has to stream it (there are more shows on EWTN than here)

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