Free PDF of a Gospels Comparison


I have just finished a massive project that is going to be published and in print very soon, after some final proofing is done. But I wanted to give everyone a free PDF of it now, though it still is getting some final touches.

It is going to be in print for 12.99 on Amazon and other book retailers, and it will be available on Kindle as well. I will keep you updated! Feel free to use it anyway you choose!


This is great and couldn’t be more timely for the master’s class I’m currently taking. Thank you. :o

By the way, did move somewhere else? It seems to be inactive?


Congratulations! Lots of work!

I scanned it a little, but could not read it all. On p. 13 it has &c within the McEvilly paragraph: “. . . . When Jesus was born, behold,” &c. Others, . . . " I have never come across &c before. Sorry, I did not get to look at any glossary or information at the end of the document.

I will take time to read it soon. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good night.


Thanks folks for the very kind words! By the Luz Maria, &c is the same as etc. Glad you brought that up because I will edit it. &c was used in McEvilly’s commentaries, but it wouldn’t hurt to change it over in the synopsis to etc.


I moved a lot of that website over to a better hosting site, part of it is on Aquinas Study Bible site, and some of the other is on

I haven’t done anything to it in a very long time and the lady who was keeping it up has been so busy that she hasn’t been able to either. The old link that you posted has gone through some changes and is here


Thank you for that second link. I do like it in one place, for what feedback it is worth. :slight_smile:


The other link to the pdf got broken, here is another free pdf link.

By the way I am also going to provide the Gospel of Matthew online on the Aquinas Study Bible and will let you all know when its ready.


Here is the whole of the Gospel of St Matthew on the Aquinas Study Bible website



Thanks! It’s a lot to digest…after I finish reading Evangelli Gaudium:blush:

You seemed to have done a tremendous amount of research and many thoughts and prayers went into this I am certain.


Thank you! My hopes has been that it will provide good reference material and an organized place to get not only the passages in parallel columns but handy explanations for possible conflicting details.


Wonderful work! Thank you for sharing it.


Did the link break again? :confused:

Thank you for sharing all this work with us! :slight_smile:


These links are temporary and I can only keep them for a limited time. Here is a fresh link.

The printed book version is well worth buying—side/dp/1494284170/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386394595&sr=8-1&keywords=john+litteral

I tried putting it on Kindle but that format wont work with this arraignment of this synopsis.


Big congratulations on your publication! Is it out at B & N? I like getting my hands on my purchase right away. Guess I’m “old fashioned”. :blush: Better than saying I have no patience to wait for it in the mail! :thumbsup:


I hate to impose, but anyway you could post a new link…thanks.


It may take a little longer to show up on Barnes and Noble, but it will hopefully soon.


The links are unfortunately temporary but I will keep uploading it when requested


I got it. Thanks for all the hard work you do for the benefit of others.

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