Free Printable Prayer Cards

I found this wonderful website

Free Printable Prayer Cards


Many thanks for the link :smiley:

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You never know you may need a Prayer or someone you care about needs a Prayer.

God bless the person who “made” these available.

AWESOME, very few Catholics hand out or does Holy Cards around me :frowning: so I dont get many, but once in a blue moon I see one and pocket it.

I love it! These things are better than Baseball Cards :smiley:
(granted I was never really into Baseball Cards, but I love me some Holy Cards)

Redbaron998- I’m really glad you liked the website.

Here is another website that I came across. However, I tried printing these out but for some reason it didn’t work out. Who knows maybe it will work for you :shrug:

I received Holy cards for free from various places—the Church I attend, an annual shrine, family, and friends.

I have also received a few Holy cards from

Scapular Guild
P.O. Box 4651
Philadelphia, PA 19127

You can also request 20-25 Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Brown) Scapulars

I’ve received Holy cards of St. Pergerine from

I’ve received a Holy medal along with a Prayer for Priests from

Sacred Heart Devotion Booklet

Holy Face of Jesus Medal

I also am blessed to receive Novenas from the Discalced Carmelite Nuns in Armstrong, B.C, Canada

Free Rosaries for the World

So, as you can see I am very thankful, blessed, and honored to receive many Holy cards along with other Religious articles from different places.

“Ask and you shall receive…” Matthew 21:22

  • Also, keep in mind that many of these people need a donation to keep offering their services for Free.

God bless,

Thank you so much. These cards are just amazing!:D:thumbsup:

Cool site! Thanks goforgal!

RedDuke50 and NeedsMercy - Thanks be to God. Please do give your thanks for those who offer these Free Printable Prayer cards and other devotional items for Free as well.

Actually, the Marians of the Immaculate Conception have been very kind in sending holy prayer cards and

  • please click on send prayer petition when you go to their website

There is also a great easy-to-read little magazine that they offer as well:

Free Divine Mercy Package:

Be careful of some websites that offer FREE stuff sometimes they can cause viruses and spam on your computer – hopefully none of the websites I mentioned recently or in the past have viruses or cause spam.

Also, please take note that some of these Ministries (if that’s what they are called) need our help with donations to keep them running Free especially for those who need it most.

God bless,


Thank you and God bless everyone who has kindly provided the Materials for Prayers and Devotions for Free.

I understand with the increase of postage and fuel many of you cannot afford to send the materials world-wide and some haven’t updated their blogs so I do not mean any disrespect or anything negative to anyone or to call you out but I just simply want to update this particular thread.

I noticed that the Free Rosaries for the World are no longer Free (not for Canadians anyways)…Please let me know if it is Free in your Country?

You’ll have to browse around the Catholic Convert website for the Free Printable Prayer cards and pages

The Sacred Heart Devotion booklet you’ll have to click on the website:

Click on the Order Now (Only available for United States of America)

Yes, I do know and realize that this thread is old – 4 years old to be exact but there are many people who simply cannot afford Devotional items such as the ones that are posted or need the materials for whatever reason.

God bless,


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