Free relic of St Padre Pio?

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does anyone know if it’s possible to get a free third-class relic of St Padre Pio? If so, where? I know that relics are (should be) always free, but sometimes there are shipping charges… I’m wondering if there’s any way to get one that is entirely free, like maybe from a shrine.

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I remember in the past being given a prayer card with a third-class relic on it. I don’t know where they can be gotten.

Here is a site that has a medal with a third-class relic of Padre Pio, and also a prayer card that has a small piece of something that was touched to the relic of Padre Pio.

They are not free, as they are charging for the medal and chain, or the prayer card. You may want to check it out:

i received a second class relic of him from a friend who is a monk

My neice has a glove of Padre Pio’s, as her grandmother traveled to Europe several times to see him.

Faith, hope, and love should be the inspiration we get from relics. The relics help us feel closer to the Lord, as it is He who sanctifies the saints!

Funny you should ask…I asked Padre Pio to get me one if he wanted me to have it, and I’m getting a 2nd class for free as a gift…ask him to get you one!

Awesome! Thanks for this.

i wrote to different places asking for a first class relic and was turned down a few times ,i then prayed to st padre pio asking him to help me recieve a relic after returning from a fr bill/fr anthony retreat i was delighted to see in my post a first class relic of st pio.

I have a 1st class relic of St. Padre Pio as well :slight_smile:

It’s tradition in my school whoever is praying about their vocation gets to keep it for senior year. The first girl is now a sister, the two in line behind her are seminarians, and I feel–at this point-- called to the married life! I keep it in my wallet, it’s on me at all times :thumbsup:

What a lovely tradition! :slight_smile:

Looking for the relics of the saints mentioned. Does anyone know where I can get them free of charge?

Hi i am looking for a 1st are 2nd class relic off st padre pio if any one can help me please contact mbelow me my email address is thank you

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