Free Resource: Church Fathers' Writings on 60 Apologetics Topics

My new website is up, though I haven’t bought the domain name I want for it yet. One of the most important resources on it right now is a collection of links to selections from the Church Fathers on 60 apologetics topics. 48 of these come from Catholic Answers tracts, which I’ve simply linked to, but an additional 12 topics are my own contributions. Please check it out:

One advantage of this collection is, it closely reflects the contents of Jimmy Akin’s book, Faith of the Early Fathers, down to the table of contents. If you have this site, it is my understanding that you automatically have the greater part of Jimmy’s book right at your fingertips.

Please let me know what you think.

Also: there are also resources on that site for discussing apologetics and Church History with Protestants, the SSPX, Sedevacantists, and the Eastern Orthodox.

Thank you for this resource. Have bookmarked it.


I’m sure you meant to refer to Akin’s book, The Fathers Know Best.

Faith of the Early Fathers is a similar (but more extensive - and more expensive) collection by William A. Jurgens.

Akin’s book, however, contains an invaluable contextual guide at the beginning - this alone is worth the price of the book (and more).

Yes, I did mean Akin’s book The Fathers Know Best. Thank you for the clarification and correction.

Thank You and God Bless, Memaw

Your website is sure to be very useful.

On the page on the Canon, you point out :

When examining the question of what books were originally included in the Old Testament canon, it is important to note that some of the books of the Bible have been known by more than one name.

More information on the different names can be found here :

God bless you and your work,


Thanks, but that page is actually one of the ones I just linked to, it’s originally from Catholic Answers.

Great website and awesome resource!

Amen to that! Within the contextual guide, Akin discusses the various Councils and the Fathers in a ‘getting to know them’ sort of way. I have found that to be of tremendous value in understanding their writings.

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