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I am just asking around to see if anyone knew where I could find a free rosary. I don’t know too much on the topic but I am very interested about it and want to start praying on one.
-Alexa :slight_smile:

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Many Catholic Churches will have free rosaries - I know people who will donate extra rosaries and leave them out for others to take as needed. Check with your parish.

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Yes, Catholic churches often have rosaries for people to use or take with them. Is there a Catholic church near you? If you look around the back of the church you may see a display of rosaries hanging on pegs and there may or may not be a small donation box with them. You can use the rosary to pray in church and then put it back, or keep it and take it home. You will also likely find a little booklet called “How to Pray the Rosary” or something similar, or you can Google it. It’s such a beautiful devotion!

This Web page links to several others explaining how to pray the rosary. Some might like a very simple format while others might like the more detailed reflections.

The Rosary Home Page


If you live in Canada, there’s

do you have a smartphone? there are several free rosary apps that you can use until you obtain a real rosary.

I like an app called Laudate, it has a little bit of everything in it. it has an audio section and an interactive where you click the picture of the beads and read the prayer. it is available for apple and android.

when you do find a rosary, you can still listen to some of the audio rosaries in the app and pray along until you are comfortable enough to pray it on your own.


search for Rosary army or free catholic rosary. they will send you a knot rosary for free.

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