Free Scott Hahn Lent Series Available

As we prepare for Lent, I thought some might find this resource useful.

In a new video Bible study from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, the seven sacraments are presented in the context of salvation history. The Bible and the Sacraments is a dynamic, eleven-lesson series that the St. Paul Center will make available for free online beginning March 1, 2017. With tens of thousands already registered to participate, The Bible and the Sacraments could be the largest-ever Catholic Bible study.

I’ve done the Bible and Virgin Mary series by the same place, and I am looking forward to the Lenten series as the Mary ones were very well done.

Thanks Grace this looks excellent. I’m in :thumbsup:

Dr. Hahn is an excellent teacher so I’m sure it isn’t essential to read the 2 books first. However, has anyone read them already and should I order them along with the workbook?

Thanks again

Thanks for posting this, Grace. I’m still firming up my Lenten plans but this looks great.

Which two books does it recommend?

I haven’t gone through the studies in this format, but I perused them all years ago when they were basically just teaching outlines. All the studies pretty closely follow one of his books (e.g. Genesis to Jesus=A Father Who Keeps His Promises; The Bible and Mary=Hail Holy Queen; The Bible and the Mass=The Lamb’s Supper, etc.) You could definitely get the core teaching without also reading the corresponding Hahn book, but the book reinforces the concepts and often goes deeper.

So I would guess the books are beneficial, but not essential aspects of the study.

I went ahead and ordered the kit. If you sign up for the course you can order the kit at a 25% discount by using the code Lent2017.

It includes the $19.95 workbook as well as the Books “Speaking the Love of God” and “Swear to God”. Both books were around $20 each on amazon. So all 3 books for $37.43 is well worth it.

Here’s the link

Thank you for this information. Just ordered the kit!

For whatever it’s worth I just finished the 1st session and I can just tell this is going to be a great Bible study and a great use of time during Lent. I would also recommend getting the whole kit and read Scott Hahn’s book and the Jacob Wood book as well as you move through the course.


I’m half way through Dr. Hahn’s book.

Did they email you a link to the first session or do you have to log on to get to it?

I must have registered on the St. Paul Center website because I received an e-mail from them with a link to the first 2 sessions. Once I hit the link it took me to the bibleandthesacraments website. It then asked for my e-mail address (I assumed to confirm that I registered) and then the video started to play. Hope this helps.


This is being touted as the largest Catholic Bible study :slight_smile:


Anyone else doing this?

Thanks this looks good.

I will give one final endorsement of this study! I’m getting a tremendous amount out of not only the video, but the two books and the reading of the Catechism. It does take a bit of time, but it’s a good “sacrifice” to make during Lent. I would also highly recommend to follow the workbook and read the review materials in the order that they’re given. I think this study can help both those new to their faith as well as those who know their faith quite well.


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