Free speech anyone? Comedy central and msnbc could use some

Friday April 23, 2010

April 22, 2010

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest examples of media duplicity:

Trey Parker and Matt Stone recently did a satirical episode of “South Park” on Comedy Central depicting Moses, Jesus and Buddha; Muhammad was explicitly given a pass, and was instead dressed in a bear costume. That’s because the boys at Comedy Central have told Parker and Stone to lay off Muhammad for fear of Muslim retaliation. But it was all for naught as Muslim extremists posted online that they were gunning for Parker and Stone anyway. Previously, Parker and Stone have admitted that “it really is open season on Jesus,” and that they are constantly being blocked from depicting Muhammad.

Yesterday, MSNBC host Donny Deutsch had his show canceled for the rest of the week because he dared to criticize MSNBC star Keith Olbermann on Tuesday. In a segment criticizing “angry” media figures like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Deutsch’s guest, Hugh Hewitt, cited Olbermann and Ed Schultz, another MSNBC host. Olbermann was reportedly angry; Deutsch was disciplined and his producer, Gresham Striegel, was sent home. Last January, MSNBC president Phil Griffin sent a memo to staff members warning that “We do not publicly criticize our colleagues. This kind of behavior is unprofessional and will not be tolerated.”

It’s all so amazing. The gutless executives at Comedy Central continue to give the green light to Catholic bashing, simply because Catholics don’t threaten to kill them. And the folks at MSNBC—who never tire of lecturing the Catholic Church for not being more tolerant of dissent—are quick to issue a gag rule when one of their own is criticized by a colleague. Accordingly, neither Comedy Central nor MSNBC have any ethical right to ever criticize the Catholic Church for not being open enough to different points of view.

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I think this case is interesting (as offensive and inappropriate as South Park is).

The episode was all about how South Park is allowed to make fun of everyone on the planet but not Muslims and how a double standard exists.

Then, when the death threats started, Comedy Central beeped every instance of “prophet Muhammad” and they beeped out a whole monologue explaining how people shouldn’t use threats and intimidation to try to censor you just because you disagree with them.

I guess the creators of the show proved their point. They are allowed to poke fun of and offend everyone except Muslims.

Courage is apparently not a leftist value.

The interesting thing is that both the producers of South Park and Jon Stewart from the Daily Show criticized their network, Comedy Central for the forced censorship on that particular episode.

The SouthPark producers were going to go ahead with it, but network officials overruled them.

Jon Stewart also pointed out the double standard when it came to mocking other religions and Islam. It was a funny, provocative piece.

As far as the MSNBC thing, I can’t comment because I don’tknow too much about it. However, if the network execs did condemn the guy for calling out Olbermann and Schulz, than they are going against the journalistic ethics they claim to have.

Though personally, I think we can do without the FOXs and MSNBCs because they both present news from either a far left or far right perspective.

[quote="Divine_Muse, post:4, topic:195923"]
Though personally, I think we can do without the FOXs and MSNBCs because they both present news from either a far left or far right perspective.


...and New York Times and Newsweek and the Communist News Network and ...

It is sad that there are so few actual journalists anymore. What has happened to the Fourth Estate? Was the turning point when TV news divisions fell under the control of the entertainment divisions? The media used to be a highly valued and trusted source of news.

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