Free Will, Faith, Creation vs. Evolution, and the infinite universe.


This thread trows these issues together, but I have felt for a long time that these are tied together, by God’s own doing, in order that our free will would not be impaired by conclusive evidence that evolution never happened, or what if the universe consisted only of the planet earth. How would our free will and faith be affected. How could we truly love God the way He wants us to, if we knew what the angels know.
I have to admit, in a way this is hard to explain, yet I feel that it could not be any more obvious.

Help me on this one.


Clarify plesae. Maybe start with one point.


I ask what’s on everyone’s mind.



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I think this is about the issue that God purposely makes things hard to see and understand so that only by faith can people believe in Him. It is assumed to be better that people believe through faith than evidence. If the truth were obvious, blatant and undeniable then we wouldn’t really have “free will”, because there would be no way NOT to believe.

This issue comes up with some regularity in discussions on Christianity, as an explanation why God does not reveal Himself in a more clear manner to everyone that all may easily believe.



As a Jew, I don’t find that to be a very convincing argument. Only because God did reveal Himself to us, in no uncertain terms. And it still wasn’t enough. How could the truth be more blatant than it was at Sinai? I would say that without faith, no matter how blatant the revelation, it will not be enough. Miracles and fireworks can get our attention, but it is the still, small voice, that holds it.

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