Free will? I don't think so: Part 2


I was not addressing what you have said God’s foreknowledge is for, rather what God’s foreknowledge is. As I have shown above, you initially stated God’s foreknowledge is a template, then backpedaled by having stated His foreknowledge is not a template. And, now you are stating God’s foreknowledge is God:

Long ago I explained to you God incessantly sees what was, is, and will be simultaneously: eternal present. It is good you finally agree, however, the phrase “God’s foreknowledge is God” specifically refers to the future-tense, so it does not make sense for you to say it is a statement about God being in the present-tense, or eternal present to be more precise.

In what form?

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To show you I was correct all the times I said you believed free will is a false perception, and you were wrong all the times you denied that is what you believed, though out of ignorance because you did not realize “false perception” and “misperception” meant the same. Now, why are false perceptions necessary if mankind is coerced?

You did which is why I told you it is not.

A coerced reality is what you are arguing for, but it seems you are not prepared for the challenge of reconciling that with reward and punishment.

Cite verse(s).

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@aitapyh, will you respond to all of the above?

Or, will you not, @aitapyh?

Your silence, @aitapyh, tells me you will not be responding.

As prophetic a statement as I’ve seen. :slightly_smiling_face:

:roll_eyes:Give me the benefit of the doubt will ya. Sheesh. Right or wrong in what I say, I will always respond. Either in agreement or disagreement.

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I will respond today, I’ve been at other matters sorry.

My question only required a yes or no answer, and ever since I asked it three days ago, you’ve responded to other’s posts that required a lengthier response, so it seemed like a no.

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