Free will in next age?

Are we going to be like Adam where we have a choice to sin? :blush::confused:

Since our souls will have allready been purified and as Jesus Himself told the Apostles we will be (I hope to be in that crowd :D) like Angels.

That means that our nature will be fixed toward doing God’s will, therefore impossibilitated to sin, not because we will lack free will but because of our love.

I hope not. I am sick of it now.

We will still have free will, but when we reach heaven, our choice will be for God and in God’s presence we will not want to sin. I would say we can’t, but I believe it more accurate to say that we won’t.

Good question. One thing that we know now and it is being confirmed is that eternal life is eternal and there will be no turning back and no changes to that decision of God to put us there. That being the case, we will not sin in heaven because sin is a separation from God but heaven is God’s domain, and therefore we will not sin as it will be incompatible with God’s presence.

The question actually is why we do not sin in heaven despite having freewill? We will have freewill because it is unthinkable for God’s to withdraw this privilege since it is given out of his love for us in the first place.

My personal opinion is that since we are together with God face to face, the radiant light of God is so fantastic and so full of love that sin simply just unable to take its place in such a situation. Thus there is no sin in heaven. When there is love, there is no sin. The infinite love of God in heaven ensures that no sin can penetrate this domain to takes hold of its place there.

Another factor is heaven itself, where its infinite goodness does not necessitate any desire or pride in us which are the prime causes of sin. The ceaseless worship of God gives us the state of perpetual bliss and holiness that sin loses whatever attraction it has on us unlike on earth.

Ultimately, there is no devil in heaven, the chief tempter and causes of sin. Had it not for the serpent, our fore-parents would never had sinned and we would have all lived in paradise today. :):thumbsup:

It would seem that when God is all in all, all of creation including redeemed humanity will be united to Jesus Christ in perfection, and there will be no necessity of free will. The world, the flesh, and the devil will no longer be present to lead us astray.

**And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then the Son also himself shall be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

Yes & No.
The Saved will also have Liberty in Christ, AND
there’ll be no Devil to tempt them into sin again.

OTOH the CCC teaches us that salvation is essentially to claim back what we have lost as a result of the fall. We were made in the image of God which means look like him and attain his character (likeness). His image and His likeness. The fall causes us to lose God’s likeness though we as humans still retain His image. The likeness of God that was given to our fore-parents are integrity, dominion (control over other creations) and harmony (with God). Losing all that we then develop propensity for sin (original sin).

When we are full of integrity, having control of what’s surround us and closeness (harmony) with God and the absence of Evil One, we will not sin. In my earlier post, on top of that we are in the most conducive atmosphere of heaven where sin loses its attraction and becomes irrelevant. Thus we sin no more in heaven.

We will be worshiping and living in the fullness of God’s eternal desire to love us. The notion of still having “free will” to sin is obliterated.

However, I think we will have “free will” to do an infinite number of things in heaven, just that all of these things will be in the pureness and fullness of God’s love for us.

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