Free Will VS Fate?


I’ve sort of been struggling with this topic, and I hope that it goes here. I try to base the decisions I make day to day on what I believe to be the best decision I can make depending on the situation, and I am a firm believer in God having a “guideline” He would like me to follow in my lifetime, especially based on the teachings of the Church.

Still I wonder, if God has given us free will, but many churches believe God has a plan for each and every one of us (which some would interpret as fate), then which one would be the most logical answer? I’m sure there are arguments out there referring to which is correct, however I haven’t done any of this research. Your thoughts are welcome. This is my question: If modern research into the make up of the human mind and how it works has discovered that the decision making process is influenced by past consequence and experience, then we would be partly making our decisions based on subconscience thoughts and reasoning right? -But we don’t have any control over our subconscience thoughts, so how is that free will? It also depends on the type of decision we need to make and how serious it is. If it were that at least part of our decision making process was due to subconscience thoughts, and since we know so little about it, how can we have free will? We’re sort of prisoners of our own mind, don’t you think? There is just so much to consider. I was just wondering where you all might stand, maybe that will give me some different insight? :wink: Thanks in advance!


Why in the world have so many people viewed my question, yet not answered? I am not trying to get a rise out of people or anything. I have posted threads in the past, although I am not a regular.

This is a true and honest question. If no one has any ideas, then can someone please say so?:confused:


Maybe the question you’re posing isn’t quite as clear as you think it is.

From what I gather, you posit that just because our decisions are based on our past experiences, which become our subconscious thoughts, then those decisions are not free will at all but based on pre-programmed responses, correct?

If that’s the case then I would have to disagree. When one can decide based on a number of experiences that he’s had in the past, that person is free to decide.

This doesn’t run contrary to decisions by a person if he has not had a previous experience with the matter. On the contrary, the person with no previous experience is free to decide also, it’s just that the person with previous experience is MORE free because he has more facts with which to come to a decision.


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