free will

God first
So be!

It the time for truth to come out within and without all things knows to mankind the truth about God and devil. How can God set back in watch the pass right front of his eyes and not say something about it.

God gave us free will and he has no choice but to wait because he takes action we would have no free will anymore. We see the devil as trying to kill us but in truth our flesh the devil we only fight our self whether to our will or God will.

Yes the devil is self or God against your self a battle of me against God to do what is right to do against that that is evil and wrong to do. We can do what we choice but I choice to do as Christ teaches me but not as the world tells me to do.

I am getting tired so I will stop now and finish 08-07-2009 and thank you, with love Roy. Here it is 08-07-2009 a new day has come and I have sat down to write all my hearts has to say with guiding from Christ my words I put on this paper of computer screen.

As the Lord gives me what to write by the Holy Ghost the image that shines in me until the day of birth comes I shall shine as true light. Even that I have free will I have decided to do as Christ would have done I will put on light and love that no man can put out and no man can stop.

This love that I have is a love has not hated anyone because it is true love that in it is no hate at all only love. Now I did not always have this love but Christ has help me get strong because this love is the light of my heart.

My heart has heard the stories about Christ my Lord and I have pick Christ to lead me in what right and just all my life. The light leads the path that I travel in dark that is reveals to me by the light that come out of me and Christ with God’s direction.

O how I see the truth because God has mark the path for by Christ showing me the way to go because I am alone can do nothing but I have Christ in me with God in Christ. I will stop a break so I can rest my eyes a little bite and begin against tonight.

I am back to begin again talking about free will that God and you or one could comes with the body that I used. Free will is not a gift and do not have to work to have it but you just have it because unwritten law for natural beings.

So want God to do everything but how can be your not robots that he windup us to make us work but we are not robots we have free will. Everything you do its your choice no makes you but you free will so you did it own your own.

Since we know that is us that decides to do anything we do unless we are made to do under someone power they get over us. But for the most part we can point at no other the person our self but our self no one other controls our free will.

This is our choice to act because someone cannot make do anything other than try to make us do anything against our will. Some will try but we must give in while some times it is better that we give in but we do have to.

I not saying let harm come to us but we will known when it is ok to let someone decide what is for us do. We usually have the only say so about what happens to us but some times it is better not push others to a breaking point.

God give us free will because he did not want robots but he wanted family that could love him back. I will end here with love and love from Roy.

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