Freed, Meriam Ibrahim flies from Sudan to Italy, meets with Pope Francis

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who once faced a death sentence because she refused to renounce Christianity, has left Sudan, flying to Rome, where she met with Pope Francis on July 24.

Another instance of intolerance.

It is hard to tell exactly the nature of her Christian faith and her husband’s. Her mother was Ethiopian Orthodox and it seems that Meriam remained the same. Her husband’s denomination is not mentioned, but an image of their marriage certificate indicates that it was issued by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Khartoum. So is he Catholic?

From Ted Cruz who has appealed to Obama several times about this case in particular and the persecution of Christians throughout the east and africa.

“Pope Francis has been a tireless advocate for Ms. Ibrahim through prayer, and their combined and sustained efforts have brought Ms. Ibrahim and her family to safety.

“Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways. Ms. Ibrahim’s long trial seemed at times hopeless, as a powerless woman was victimized by a brutal government that would torture and kill its own citizens for their faith. But its beautiful conclusion today when Pope Francis laid his hands on her in blessing reminds us of the boundless power of pure faith to lift up and preserve the weak and oppressed.

He said this was “a call to action for all Christians around the globe to redouble our efforts to draw attention to the plight of the many Christians still suffering cruel and unjust imprisonment, including Pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran and Kenneth Bae in North Korea.”

Posting a photograph of Ibrahim Ishag with Pope Francis on Twitter, the US Senator said “The vicious persecution of the Christians of Iraq, especially Mosul, also commands our urgent attention. We prayerfully urge our government to engage fully in their cases.”

In a CNA article it states she is:
The Catholic Archdiocese of Khartoum has urged Sudanese authorities to review the legal case of Meriam Ibrahim, a Catholic woman who faces a death sentence for allegedly abandoning Islam.

Bingo. I failed to read further, they both are:
The archdiocese said that Ibrahim joined the Catholic Church in 2011 soon before she married her Catholic husband, Daniel Wani, at the Holy Family Chapel under St. Matthew Cathedral. The couple has a 20-month-old son, and Ibrahim gave birth to a daughter in prison on May 28.

I’m so happy that God has answered the prayers of all people who prayed for her just release. Truly, the hand of God is visible and so is are the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary, Help of Christians, Pray for us!!

Meriam Ibrahim leaves Sudan for Rome: ’It was top secret until the plane took off’

Mr Elshareef told The Telegraph that Ms Ibrahim would remain in Rome for several days to recuperate with her family - her husband Daniel Wani, 20-month-old son Martin, and daughter Maya, born in a Khartoum prison.
The family were expected to visit the Colosseum on Friday, according to Corriere Della Sera, before flying in the next few days to the United States - where Mr Wani has his home, in New Hampshire.
“The US government is providing consular assistance to the family but we have no other information at this time,” a spokesman for the American embassy told The Telegraph.

I have been reading on the Christian Post today that some pastor in NY is taking credit for her release and has invited this Catholic family to stay with him and be supported by him.

I just hope that doesn’t try to convert them away from the Catholic faith

This would make some sense as for Orthodox Christians to marry outside the Orthodox Church means they incur automatic excommunication. She would have had to marry her husband in an Orthodox Church via dispensation for it to be a valid marriage if she remained Orthodox. The Coptic Orthodox Church is an Oriental Orthodox Church and in some places discourages marriages to non Coptic Orthodox altogether on the grounds that theological differences are too great.

Let’s hope not, it sounds like an Evangelical Pastor. However, that said, I believe many many Protestants prayed and took action for Meriam to see her to freedom.

It sounds like this Pastor, Devlin actually went over to Sudan so there appears to be more to the story.

William Devlin, pastor of Manhattan Bible Church, traveled to Khartoum in Sudan where he met with Ibrahim and her husband, Daniel Wani as well as the country’s Foreign Minister.

“I, along with another brother in the Lord, were able to go to the Safe House where this persecuted family is currently living in Khartoum and minister to them for over an hour,” the pastor told the Associated Press.

“The Devlin family has offered to bring this family back to the USA from Khartoum and have them live with us. I have been interviewed by the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. and I have also met for three hours with the U.S. Ambassador to Sudan here in Khartoum - and his senior staff,” he continued.

“Furthermore, because of my long term friendship with the Foreign Minister of Sudan, I have met personally with him and asked him to advocate for this family - and have the Sudanese authorities release this family to me to bring them back to U.S… I have offered to pay for their flights (the four of them) to America and to house them indefinitely in our home - and to provide for their needs.”

Pastor Devlin.

I hope that family knows how much they were prayed for by so many. This happy ending gives us a reason to hope. Her strength is an example for us all.

Now, we should focus our prayers on the girls in Nigeria and the Christians in Iraq and Syria.

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