Freedom from Sin

I am confused about what “freedom from sin” means. My problem is that Christians struggle with sin and continue to sin, albeit venially. So, how are we free from it?

It no longer keeps us from being reunited with God as was the original intent. We may achieve salvation through what Jesus has done for us. We will continually struggle with sin but are no longer bound by it.

When you leave either the baptismal font for the first time, or thereafter, the confessional, you are completely free from all your sins. If you die then, you go straight to heaven. If you commit another sin after that, then you need more grace, which you can obtain via more prayer.

We are free from the slavery of sin. Not that we no longer sin, but we are not held hostage by it. Christ’s death on the cross dealt with that. After baptism, all we need worry about is actual sin. That is cleared up in confession and through prayer.

:thumbsup: Yes. Also, before Jesus’s sacrifice, we were held captive by sin, both our own sin–which was like an addiction: we can get in, but can’t get out–and by the effects of Original Sin.

With Jesus, we have hope that we can struggle against sin and be successful–or rather that our sin is forgiven through the sacraments. So we were slaves to sin, but now, as members of the Body of Christ, we are no longer bound to sin, but can find freedom through grace.

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