Freedom of women in the West

" Presently, the socially acceptable qualities of women promoted by the west are mostly geared towards her ability to attract [negative forms of] attention and objectification from the opposite sex. Henceforth, today, [among western cultures] the most socially encouraged quality of the western woman is nudity. [For example,] During formal meetings –where men and women are allowed to participate together – men cover themselves completely, the women, however, are expected to bare as much as possible: this happens during formal meetings, let alone their social environment!
This situation [previously mentioned] is related to the most recent western history – Europe and the U.S.–this has not been the case in the past. As far as I know, debauchery, nudity, and decadence, to this extent, did not exist in the west over 100-150 years ago. But presently, this is the reality: women in the west are introduced as manifestations of consumption, ornamentation, exhibitionism and to serve as instruments of male arousal. The other ideologies that they preach – for example, issues regarding gender justice and the like – are just empty words. They are for the sake of appearances: that is the truth of the matter."
You might have heard, a few months ago, that a large number of western, female politicians announced, one right after another, they had been subjected to abuse, harassment, or violence.The western view of women is an insult to women: they call it “freedom,” but it is not, in fact, representative freedom. Over the past two, three decades, Westerners have chosen charming names for their crimes against humanity. Whenever they’ve committed murder; whenever they’ve plundered a country; whenever they’ve enslaved people; whenever they’ve confiscated other nations’ sources of wealth; whenever they’ve imposed wars on nations or whenever they’ve committed other crimes, they chose deceptive and beautiful names for their actions: liberation, human rights, democracy and other such things. Describing the western attitude towards women as “freedom” is a deception: it has nothing to do with freedom. The cornerstone of Western culture is that women should be socially presented as a product, an object that men can benefit from; for instance, promoting immodest clothing is a step in this direction.’

Over the past 100 years, or more, violence against women in the West has been on the rise: there has been no decrease of violence in this regard. Today, Westerners feel no shame of promoting homosexuality as a moral value: this makes any dignified human embarrassed, but Westerners have no shame. The Western view of women is perverted, flawed, misleading and simply wrong’"

Clearly, you did not write this yourself. Would you care to cite your source rather than plagiarize several paragraphs?


Of course I did not write it myself I put express quotes to show that it is a quote. For identity nationality or religion of the author I let you have fun guessing I will not say it right away.

It is lifted from an Iranian official website of “Imam Khameni”. And copying someone else’s text without giving credit to them is illegal, it’s called plagiarism. . . .


Exactly what is your point in posting unattributed nonsense?


Naah…root canal is still more fun


It’s so nice when women post outlandish comment or quotes generalizing what women are. :roll_eyes:


A great quote by someone who has never been in business in the west, speaking of legalese, has absolutely no idea that going around nude in public will, in the majority of places and situations, get a person arrested.

Educate yourself dear, before falling for propaganda swill.

Lets talk abuse of women when we dont live in glass houses.


“Illegal” is a bit strong. :joy:

Stand by, OP: the internet police are inbound.


As this text hasn’t reached thé purpose I will plagiate an other author (if I go to jail Can you bring me an orange): (I put “)”’"""" More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason,” ( words told to Jacinta). “Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much.": “Woe to women lacking in modesty.” And also: “Let men avoid greed, lies, envy, blasphemy, impurity.”

But! Even to mention a lack of “modesty” these days is to risk wrath. People become enraged upon being told that the way they dress and behave may be leading others to sin: they feel that their freedom is under attack. Often, too, women feel that they are being unfairly singled out, while men get a free pass. But this is only because at times we have adopted a far-too-narrow definition of “modesty” or “fashion.”

Pretty sure women would get stoned in Iran for “baring too much”, whereas in the US they’ll just be charged with public indecency.

So far, looks like a good day to live in the US.


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Or posters with a woman’s name/picture.


The funny thing is that most people here know that on the dread veiling threads TM I’m one of the first to say, “let the woman veil, it’s a beautiful custom’ . .and that on the dreaded modest dress threads TM I frequently comment that it would do the world good if we all, men and women, ‘bared less and covered more’. . .but when it comes to people slammed an entire group of “Western women” with jihadist propaganda and virtue-shaming. . .well, to paraphrase Mr. Churchill, “That is the kind of thing up with which I will not put.”


This thread has been up all day long and I still have no idea what the OP’s point is.


I am really confused by your post. Are you saying that you agree with this deranged Iranian cleric, or are you quoting this to show the level of derangement within the Iranian religious establishment?

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