Freeing Human Eggs of Mutant Mitochondria

This is some breakthrough technology to stave off inherited maladies passed down from mtDNA.

Here’s a UK report, with video -

So, how do people feel about this type of advancement in medicine?

From a Catholic point of view, the fact that multiple fertilized eggs are created, and then discarded, is morally unacceptable. And the process definitely destroys one embryo for each fertilized egg which is modified, which the Catholic Church would regard as murder.

A more theoretical concern would be whether destroying the nucleus of a fertilized egg is somehow destroying a unique life. And whether transplanting the nucleus from another fertilized is giving a unique life a body transplant, or creating a wholly new third person.

From a more general point of view, this sort of genetic manipulation is creepy. Are both fertilized eggs coming from the same parents or are we seeing embryos being created from three or four parents?

Quoting from the article: “Regardless of the technique, says Thorburn, the researchers will have to show that mixing different nuclei and cytoplasms does not affect normal development.”
So, apparently, the two eggs are from different women.

I find it fascinating and creepy at the same time. Kind of like “Frankenstein”. :bigyikes:

By the way, the book was much better than the movie. Any of them. Except maybe “Young Frankenstein”. :rolleyes:

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