Freelance work for another Religion?


Hello all,

I am devout Catholic and have been presented with a moral conundrum.

I’m a freelance videographer and web designer and was approached by a friend who is working on a project for a Christian (but non-Catholic) Church. I was wondering what would be the appropriate response to a job offer like this?

In my head, it’s a weird mix of needing the income and supporting the overall Christian faith vs. participating in helping promote non-Catholic ideas (among other things).

I’ve seen posts about there being a difference between doing your job versus publicly supporting something morally wrong (such as the flowers with a same-sex couple example) but don’t understand how this might apply (if at all?) to a difference in doctrine and a ecumenical context.



Enjoy the project! You’ll be fine.

Peace and all good!


I run into the same issues myself. One way I’ve thought about it is I will get some of their money and be able to redirect it to what I think is right and good. But there is a line. If an organization was promoting something seriously wrong, like same-sex marriage, I would turn it down. It gets trickier if they are promoting it but it constitutes a smaller percentage of the product.

One thing to keep in mind is that many people are working for employers who promote grave evils. Corporations these days promote same-sex marriage. Should people of faith not work for or use the services of these companies? It as at a point in the US today where plenty of faithful people are cooperating with this evil. Are you held to a different standard because you freelance versus people who have a sole employer? The moral determination may change based on whether you only freelance for your income or if it is for extra money.

Another point to consider is that you don’t provide what most would consider an essential service. I don’t mean to insult, neither do I. But the consideration would be different, by most peoples reckoning, if you provided a service relating to food, water, or shelter.

Without knowing all the facts I would think it would be fine to do the work, unless it involved significant direct promotion of a grave evil.


As long as they aren’t anti-Catholic, you’re fine.

I knew a Protestant lady who was asked to translate an anti-Catholic book into German. Of course, she didn’t know at first that it was anti-Catholic, but after reading the book, she refused the project. I was pretty proud of her! :thumbsup:

Working with the people at the church might give you a better insight into what they believe.


Such too would concern me…I would not want to cooperate in the spreading of well meaning errors…

But I do not know exactly what to advise


A couple things from Canon Law to consider…

Can. 209 §1. The Christian faithful, even in their own manner of acting, are always obliged to maintain communion with the Church.

Can. 831 §1. Except for a just and reasonable cause, the Christian faithful are not to write anything for newspapers, magazines, or periodicals which are accustomed to attack openly the Catholic religion or good morals; clerics and members of religious institutes, however, are to do so only with the permission of the local ordinary.


One could also look at the Ecumenical Documents and directories…

Again I note that I would be also concerned…and so I would look into matters more fully. Discuss with a wise and good Priest etc…


It isn’t another religion.

As others have pointed out, surely your main concern would be whether this church routinely attacks Catholicism or in general spreads views you consider to be error, as opposed to focusing on “mere Christianity.” I.e., are its basic teachings, in your judgment as a Catholic, really harmful or just inadequate?



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