Me and my friend whom I share this account name with have been wondering about freemasonry. We have spent hours upon hours searching on the World Wide Web. We haven’t come to a complete understanding on the subject (although I think that that will never happen), but we are nowhere near where we want to be. We have been to freemason websites and have “studied” freemasonry and it’s history on the Internet encyclopedia.

We both have heard that the Vatican has prohibited Catholics from becoming freemasons (punishable by excommunication?), but we don’t know why. This intrigues us – especially the excommunication part – because excommunication is a serious thing, and to be excommunicated, one must do something that the Church really doesn’t like.

We’ve talked to other people about this and they can’t give us an answer either.

Can anyone enlighten me on freemasonry or give me some links or something? It would be much appreciated.


Try these threads.

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