Freemasons at Mass?

I’m a Cradle Roman Catholic. Noticed the other day several Freemason stickers on vehicles in the church parking lot. I asked my parish priest about the Church and Freemasonry. He says the church no longer prohibits membership in the Masons. I’m afraid he may be wrong. Concerned about his teaching and salvation.


He is wrong, Church still prohibits it. I know there’s a lady that volunteers handing out food at one of the local Catholic Charities, and she has a Freemason sticker on the back of her truck, but that truck belonged to her deceased husband. Not too long ago, there was actually a priest from France that was dismissed from the ministerial State, because he had a membership in the Freemasons.


Ask the priest if he can give you a document from the Church saying Freemasonry is allowed.

He won’t be able to.


No, freemasons are not permitted to be Catholic.

However, not everyone gets to buy a new car without stickers. Freemasons love plastering their logo on EVERYTHING. My local XYZ shares a municipal parking lot with the Freemason lodge. They happily paid for all the signs for the city and maintains the lot. And they put their logo on every square inch of everything.

These stickers are put there by the cars owners. One of our parish members actually has a custom WA state embossed freemason license plate.

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Why are you patrolling the parkinglot for freemason memoribia? It seems to me that you are trying to insert yourself where it’s none of your business?

Several years ago, a guy joined our choir and proudly announced that he was a Mason. He was a very recent convert from Louisiana. I told him to see the priest immediately. He had no idea, and I kind of felt sorry for him. He was so excited about converting.


You gave him great advice and so sorry he was from my “neck of the woods”.

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Well, he really didn’t know anything about it, and apparently, his RCIA Director never asked. Although I’m not sure how it would have come up in class. It makes a case for thorough interviews during the period of discernment. He didn’t want to leave the Masonic Order, and eventually he disappeared.

Aw sad. I hope he finally left that “disorder”.


Your joking right ? These bumper stickers are obvious while walking from the parking lot to church. Easily noticeable. By the way, parking lot is two words, and what is memoribia ?

It’s the kitchy stuff people put on cars or whatever. Stuff you collect.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s “easily visible”. People have pro-choice stickers. People have pro-gay-marriage stickers. The church would be in a sad state if everyone went around giving bumper stickers and plate details so the pastor could look at the wrongdoers in the police database.

Your priest may need correction, but after that, you need to butt out.

Interesting. Thanks for the post. Everything I’ve understood about masonry is covertly and overtly anti Catholic. Pope Benedict spoke out against masonry at length during the 1980’s.

Pro abortion and gay marriage are ALSO mortal sins. I could be wrong but maybe a Catholic priest should at least be aware of who may be receiving Holy Communion in his Parrish. Masons have historically stolen the Host.

Sorry this topic got you so bent out of place. Maybe I’ll stop by and check what stickers are on your car.

Try taking some ex lax and relax.


I’m saying that you are the one who needs to relax. No one likes someone who whines to the priest about bumper stickers on fellow parishioners cars.

I mean–what about churches on state borders? I lived in X state and 90% of the congregation was from Y state because it was the easiest church to get to. Should priests police that, too?

Or what about states with pro-life license plates? Should parishioners be penalized because they chose the “support your state parks” vanity plate that cost the same amount? Should those cars get prime parking for supporting pro-life causes?

Find a gentle way to correct the priests so he is not giving bad information.

Then drop it.

None of your business what cars have on them, none.

“Or what about states with pro-life license plates? Should parishioners be penalized because they chose the “support your state parks” vanity plate that cost the same amount? Should those cars get prime parking for supporting pro-life causes?”

What kind of nonsensical off the point drizzle is this ?

Most people do not put random bumper stickers on their car. No one gets an embossed Masonic license plate by accident. Usually to make a statement. Its not about whining its about informing the Priest. Of course I’m going to drop it after notifying him. My observations and conversations I have or don’t have with my Priest are absolutely and completely none of YOUR business. Thanks for your Christian like concern however.


So the priest knows a random person in the whole entire parish has a mason license plate.

Super duper useful.

What is he going to do, start an inquisition? Make an announcement that only applies to one person out of 500?

Did you not read my original post illustrating several vehicles ? Interesting how this topic disturbs you.


Peace be with you… I’m done

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