Freewill in Heaven?


I have heard Catholics say that there is suffering in the world in part because people have freewill. But there is not supposed to any suffering in Heaven. So is there freewill in Heaven? And if God could create a world (Heaven) where there is freewill and no suffering, why would he create this world where there is suffering if God loves everyone?


Not sure. As I recall, it’s not that we have free will that there is pain, but that we have free will and misuse it. In heaven, everyone will be perfected, and thus we won’t misuse our free will. The reason we couldn’t be created that way is because you have to choose to be perfected; otherwise, it wouldn’t be perfect. But don’t quote me on that, I’m not completelly sure.


It has to do with the Beatific Vision (Seeing God Almighty Face to Face). In Heaven we will have that. . There will never again be the urge to sin because of this. According to the Catechism, this Beatific Vision was withheld from Angels before the fall of Adam hence the reason why it was easier for them to sin in case that is your next question. :slight_smile:

And yes, we will be perfected as well by the Merits of the Cross.


I’m in with Blaine. You’ve got to have free will in order to really love, don’t you? If you have to do something and can’t do anything else, is that really love?

I mean, come on, if I can find a girl to marry me because she’s programmed to love me and can’t do anything else, then that’s not really what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

Although… LOL

But I can’t imagine God would want that kind of love either. What makes it have meaning is that its given with free will.

My $.02


Bad things happen because Adam misused his free will. Bad things happen not because he had free will, but because he misused it. He had free will before he misused it; to a great extent he lost most of his free will and became enslaved by sin.

Sin is finite; God is infinite. If he had been enslaved by sin, he could only move his free will within the chains of sin. But in heaven those chains will be gone. He will be able to move his free will freely, in love, in conformity with the will of the infinite God, not in conformity to the tremendously limiting power of sin.

So I would say there is free will in heaven. Freed free will. Since Jesus paid the price, it is free freed free will. There is no fee for free freed free will. Oy - I’ve been struck by the Dr. Suess virus. Again.

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