Freezer meal ideas?

Homemade freezer meals tend to be my go-to for “I am too tired to cook” days - which is most days after work. What I like to do is make meals that can just be popped into the freezer, then popped into a microwave/pot/oven and cooked and eaten. One-dish meals that have all your proteins and veggies and grains in them are best, or meals that just have one simple ingredient like pasta added.

So any suggestions?

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I like to make a pot of lamb shank soup with Italian soup mix beans and barley,onion,celery ,carrot ,parsnip and stock cubes and then freeze that into my-size portions to have with some toast.It’s what my parents have made all my life and a good all rounder .

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Here are some of the websites that I am signed up with, where I get recipes from.

I’ll share links with you here so that you can check them out and see if you’re interested in signing up with any of them.

I have a slow cooker and I like to make large batches of food all at once, which we can then have for a few nights afterwards. All you need to do is the prep. beforehand, and then the clean-up of the cooker insert afterwards. The cooker takes care of the rest.

I’ve made one of the slow cooker chicken caccitore recipes from Pillsbury’s website, and it’s very good and very easy to make, too.

Here is the recipe for it:

Here’s another link to Campbell’s Kitchen, for more recipes and ideas:

Here’s another one for Betty Crocker, too:

You can find many different types of recipes at these different websites, from one dish casseroles, to soups, to desserts, to slow cookers meal, and so on.

You can sign up and have them send recipes to your e-mail address if you are interested, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also find recipes for five ingredients or less for example, too.

Have fun, and take your time looking around.

There are others that I visit, including:

Taste of Home

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Thanks. The main difficulty right now is figuring out what freezes well - particularly as I’m favoring one-dish meals where I can get all my meat and veggies and everything in one container. Maybe I should learn to do casseroles or pot pies.

I don’t have a slow cooker, but from what I’ve seen very few slow cooker recipes actually need the slow cooker, so long as you’re willing to babysit a little.

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The nice thing about using a slow cooker is that you can just leave it and let it do the cooking for you, if you’re interested in trying that method of cooking. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can set it up early in the morning on low for example, and then when you come home at the end of the day, your meal is all ready for you.

That’s what I like about using it.

It takes a little bit of prep. time for using it when you’re getting a meal together to put in it, but then you’re done, and all that you have left is clean up of the cooker insert.

It’s great for using to make soups and stews and casseroles.

You can also make roasts in them, too.

Also, since you’re slow cooking, it’s also an economical way of cooking less expensive cuts of meat that would be tougher to cook, normally.

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Oh, I definitely like the idea of a crockpot. I’m just putting myself on a pretty strict financial diet of not buying anything I can manage without, at least until I recalibrate the budget to my new living quarters.

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Crockpots are great … they pretty much can cook anything.


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