Fremont Sex-Ed Textbook With Has Parents Riled Up



Unmitigated child abuse.


That is just insane.


Where do they get these idiot administrators? Oh, right, this is the “San Francisco area!”
(no offense to my relatives out there!)


Wow !! :eek:

Hard to grasp that some people (the administrators) find nothing wrong with this. Glad I home school.


I am betting planned parenthood had a hand in this.

And I hope this isn’t the book my niece has at her public school! Hopefully not…


[quote=“From the article”]“Our high-school students today need all the tools they can have to arm themselves to make the best- informed decision,”

I don’t think that word means what she thinks it means. Seriously, this is some pretty sick stuff they’re “Informing” students about. All this is going to do is skew the perspective of some kids up.


“I wrote to the author of the book and she said the target audience was college freshman,” Ahmed said.

The book was written for college and they are using in 9th grade. I’m sorry, but how stupid are these administrators?

There is a HUGE difference between High School and College Freshman. And I doubt most college freshmen are mature enough for that detail too.

If I was a parent there and if what the mother says above is true, I would sue the school district.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Don’t just hope. Go find out. People like these administrators and teachers will back down if enough people protest. Go to school board meetings. Intentionally exclude your child from the class if it is used, and get others to do the same.
And you don’t have to be parents. The schools belong to the taxpayers. Not the administration, or school board, or even the children. Even if its your niece, or the neighborhood kids. And remember, teachers lack the liberty to speak up against the powers in charge, and on issues such as this, the labor leaders are usually in league with the administrators.



The social engineers who are infiltrating the school systems ultimately want to take ownership of America’s children… that’s their plan, but you’ll only believe what I’m telling you when it’s too late. They did it in Cuba and Venezuela too.


Here are videos with Lila Rose,a Catholic pro-life activist,and her investigation of Planned Parenthood sex-education.


Back when I was in 9th grade, which was in 1990, most of my fellow classmates had already had their first sexual encounter, I dont recall ever having sex ed though at any grade level, we did have health class, but I dont recall them ever discussing anything sexual.


One of the young girls interviewed for the news piece was wearing false eyelashes in the middle of the day. I wear them when I sing in a 2,500 seat hall. Why does she need to wear them in the middle of the day in her neighborhood? To bat them at the boys? To appear more attractive? For sexual allure?

Which of these parents who object to this book would honestly and frankly discuss matters of masturbation, bondage, vibrators, etc.with their kids at the “appropriate age”, whatever that is?

By the way, what is the appropriate age for the truth?


The truth?

Presented at the appropriate level of complexity for the age and also taught through the parents’ lives, “the truth” should be taught from infancy.

Even an adult as yourself or myself could stand to learn.

Check it out for yourself.


Would you be willing to share this book with a girl of nine who had already experienced menarche?


Maybe by 1990 the schools had already punted the responsibility back to the parents, who have such curious trouble with it. I was in 9th grade (public school) in 1967. The teachers gave it a go in health class, but they just glossed over what they considered “the highlights”. Girls kept getting pregnant, and boys kept bragging.


That book is actually directed more toward the adults. Not that there is explicit content in it at all, but it is a little advanced for children to comprehend.

There are actually a whole series of lessons out there to help parents (and educators) teach the fundamental lessons of those teachings to children…but, of course, to be effective, those who do the teaching need to have a good understanding of it.

And, as far as “would I”, well, I taught my own daughter from that. She was able to avoid a whole ton of the pitfalls that most of her peers ran into as they went through the teen years because of the lessons therein.

I teach a (very) abbreviated version of that to 7th Grade CCD children as a portion of what I teach them each year (sadly, time limitations prevent a more thorough discussion).

And, in fact, just in the past couple of years, a good friend whose daughter just reached menarche came to us…she was concerned about societal influences on her daughter and the school district’s curriculum which, she believed, encouraged promiscuity. She was born and raised in Uganda…she recognized that the tales she learned from her mother and aunts would likely not be effective. We were able to teach her about this so that she could pass it on to her own daughter. While our friend reports success with her daughter, it’s still way too early to judge it an utter success.


Thats a good question…My parents had the sex talk with me when I was around 11 or 12 I believe, I still remember sitting there being very uncomfortable LOL, but I had already had my first sexual encounter by the time they talked to me.

the ‘appropriate’ age changes depending on the norms of society, back when I was in this age range, alot of kids were having their first encounters in middle school to the first couple years of high school, but this was back in the 80s and 90s, we all know today, kids are exposed to sex alot younger, especially by companies, the internet, their friends, etc. Just look at some of the popular clothing being marketed to very young girls today…they are clearly telling them that they are sexual ‘objects’, and they need to dress the part in order to be popular and to look good.

Plus, we all know kids are starting earlier and earlier in modern times, when it comes to sexual things, while Im not a kid and dont know for sure, but since my age range had their first encounters around middle school/ early high school, we didnt have the internet, or alot of other things kids do today, so Id say they are probably starting earlier, maybe even by 10-11?

As long as they permit companies to ‘sexualize’ our young kids and pimp them out so they can make money, then the appropriate age will continue to get younger and younger. Something really needs to change with this, I see way too many 10-11 yr old girls who are clearly trying to dress like prostitutes!

Its funny we claim to be so protective of our kids today, especially young girls, and they go after pedophiles aggressively, but when it comes to companies promoting sex to these young girls, police do absolutely nothing…??? Maybe if they charged some of these companies with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or some sex charge, it would change how things are done…but Ive never even heard anyone suggesting going after the companies, seems they only care about going after individuals…strange?


Your experience is not the norm. Guttenmacher says that most kids don’t have sex until they are in their mid to late teens. Only 15% have sex before 15.

What does pushing sex on kids at younger ages accomplish except to bring that number lower?


I’m a believer in comprehensive sex ed and I find this to be over the top.I think parents should take the lead in sex ed but I do think it should be offered in schools probably from 7-12 grade, at levels that are appropriate to the age and maturity of the students. I think it should probably be small group and student focused, and geared towards providing information and answering questions. Its easy to go too far in either extreme with sex ed.

I remember a class when I was maybe in the 8th grade and some organization came and talked about purity and did some experiment with kool aid. I don’t remember the specifics only that I felt if they were going to come speak, perhaps just try telling the truth without food coloring and gimmicks.

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