French bishop orders removal of Blessed Sacrament from tabernacles [CWN]

In response to the desecration of ten parishes since October, including five on February 6-7, the bishop of Bellay-Ars has ordered the Blessed Sacrament removed from the tabernacles of all …


Evidently the bishop’s model is the apostles when they were pushing away children or trying to keep Him from becoming ritually impure.
Perhaps if the bishop were spending more time before Our Lord and reaching the faithful with the gospel, he would realize that removing the Blessed.Sacrament can only make the problems worse.

Are you seriousl? Did you read the news story? People have been breaking into parishes and stealing things, and, in some cases, stealing or desecrating the Eucharist reserved in the Tabernacles. In what possible way could the Bishop’s actions make things worse? These vandals are not trying to get close to Jesus - the Bishop does not deny them the opportunity to venerate Jesus, only to desecrate his Body.

There’s nothing wrong with removing the Body of Christ from those who would do it harm. Jesus removed himself from just such a situation:

Therefore they picked up stones to throw at Him, but Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple. [John 8:59]


If you can’t guarantee the safety and security of a church’s tabernacle, it’s not a proper tabernacle to be reserving the Blessed Sacrament. That’s canon law.

So if you have a lot of violent desecration or theft or fires going on, you have very few choices under Church law. You have to get a really heavy-duty tabernacle that’s built like a safe, you have to build it into a wall or support pillar, or you have to stop using such an insecure place.

That’s also why all parishes with Perpetual Adoration have to have a plan for security that works. Some areas need to worry less, some need to think about it more, but nobody can ignore this stuff.

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