French Cardinal Sets Conditions For Traditionalist Group

Bordeaux, Oct. 05 ( - The creation of the new Institute of the Good Shepherd in France is intended as a “gesture of welcome” to traditionalists, says Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard. But only the future will show whether the Vatican’s acceptance of the new group is “a promising initiative or a failed hope.” (more…)

The TLM and its parish communities have to get out from under the thumb of the Novus Ordo bishops. Somehow, the Church has to get past the notion that the TLM and NO are still of the same “Latin Rite” and belong under the same bishops. The current situation is a farce. There has been too much bad blood between the two groups. It is really unbelievable that these bishops find so much contempt for the way in which presumably their parents, grandparents and other ancestors worshipped for hundreds of years.

Good “company men” as bosses keep talking the corporate buzzwords long after the workers figure out what is really going on. The tired language of “The Spirit of VII” is getting old. The same thing happened with Communism in Eastern Europe. The party kept telling the same old lies over and over until the system finally collapsed under its own weight. And remember that it took over 70 years! After 35 years (which is about the same as the NO), the Soviet Union actually looked pretty strong.

Perhaps the Holy Father can make some arrangement whereby the TLM parishes are like Eastern Rite Eparchies which share the same geography as the current Latin Rites, but are not subject to the local Latin Rite Ordinary. Then let the chips fall where they may.

Hmm, two Bishops per Diocese maybe? One guides the Old Rite, one guides the New?

I would have to agree. Very good post sir. An apostalic vicar ?
The setup seems odd and like that the FSSP have to endure now.
Universal indult ? Is it really needed ?

I totally support designation of a Western Latin rite, which is based on the Latin Mass. And, I agree that the criticisms of traditionalists have been uncharitable and lacking in theological merit.

But, given that, I also think the larger English-Mass crowd should finalize, and for that matter, polish up and standardize this rite, as well. It seems to be under constant revision and criticism at the same time. I don’t see that the changes have done more than placate the egos of those insisting on the changes.

These two rites could co-exist, even in the same parishes.

Why can’t we stop haggling, and get on with evangelization of the world which is what Christ told us to do? Aren’t you ashamed?

I agree----this would be the best solution. As long as our bishops have control over them----nothing will change.

I don’t think that would be very efficient - What are there - 150 dioceses in the US? I’m confident that in some of these dioceses, you could have 5-10 TLM parishes. I’m equally confident that in others, a single parish would struggle.

This raises another question in my mind - do any Churches other than the Latin Church have more than one rite celebrated?

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