French Catholics praying reparation Rosary ejected from church by police


Mere days after the disruption of a “Reformation Commemoration” in a Catholic Cathedral in Belgium, a group of Parisians took similar action against a joint Catholic/Protestant ecumenical service in the Catholic church of Notre Dame des Blancs-Manteaux. Resistance-leaning media outlet Media-Presse described the celebration as an “Ecumenical Mass”, but on its website the parish, while making no mention of the disruption, took care to specify that the service had been “non-Eucharistic”.

Some differences between this incident and what took place in Belgium:

—the Belgian Catholics specifically prayed out loud to drown out the Protestant pastor’s sermon, but it seems the intention of the French Catholics was to interrupt the entire liturgy, as they prayed out loud even during non-verbal dance (seen from 00:37-01:01 in the video).

—whereas the Belgian Catholics handed out their pamphlet before the event and primarily prayed, several of the French Catholics can be seen holding their pamphlet (entitled “Luther: is he Christian?”) and responding to inquiries from church-goers (3:15 in the video, for example), despite receiving verbal abuse (expletives at 2:05-2:10).

—what may have increased tensions is that, unlike the incident in Belgium, the event was openly described by the parish as being not a “commemoration”, but a “celebration” of the Reformation:

—additionally, the parish created a website ( and produced several youtube videos which attempt to justify Luther and his actions ( My translation of a few quotes to give an idea of the content of these videos: “Luther truly had prophetical inspirations and profound gifts given by the Holy Spirit”, “If the [Catholic] Church today proclaims, studies, and announces the Gospel, we owe this to the Protestant communities, we owe this to Martin Luther and his love of Scripture.”, “[Before] there was a fracture between the [Catholic] liturgy and Scripture. It is thanks to the Protestants that we have been able to reunite liturgy, tradition, and Scripture.” These factors may have added “fuel to the fire”, so to speak.


Awesome! More young people standing up for Christ against these sacrilegious mockeries! May God bless them!

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!


So this was a liturgical dance taking place in a Catholic Church? Is that allowed?

Good on their part, despite that woman in front hitting them at one point.


If someone hadn’t told me it was part of the show, I would have thought that random lady in the coat dancing was an intoxicated or mentally ill person that had wandered up to the front…


Actually, these young people show themselves in disobedience to their hierarchy.

Hopefully, these misguided youth will face not only criminal punishment but also have ecclesiastical penalties imposed upon them.


Unlike the last video, it’s hard for me to see these guys as disrupting anything when the entire service looks like a circus. Cops should have arrested that old lady who yelled and hit the one guy over the head too.


So these hotheads decided to disrupt an official event organized by the Catholic Church under the authority of the local Ordinary, using the Holy Rosary as some sort of slogan? Why are we surprised that they were ejected from the building as they deserved?

Are they related to the same youngsters who attempted to disrupt another perfectly licit event organized in Argentina by the Catholic Church under the authority of the local Ordinary, also by sacrilegiously using the prayer of the Rosary as a sort of “holy war cry”?

What an embarrassment for the Catholic Church these confused boys have caused.

Under the guise of “praying in reparation” for some imaginary sin or sacrilege, they have shown open disobedience and disrespect to the Catholic Church and the local Ordinary, they have made the secular media laugh at this display of division within the “so-called one true Church of Christ”, they have discouraged the ecumenical effort (how can we ask other Christians to reunite with the Catholic Church when we are a house divided?). I don’t think they could have caused any more damage, unless they had insulted or attacked the non-Catholic Christians present at the event.

Then again, misusing the holy prayer of the Rosary and the maternal figure of Our Lady as a “war banner” for a delusional crusade against protestants and modernists is pretty much the worst possible outcome under the circumstances.

They need prayer, as do the people that support such irrational rudeness.


Is Martin Luther and his reformation a celebrated event in the Catholic Church now?

The only thing I would have done different, was when the police arrived leave with them instead of being dragged out (since the police don’t know better and are just doing their job). I certainly would have prayed aloud the Rosary with these guys though.


I stand very proudly with Père David Gilbert of the Communauté Saint Martin and his initiatives. His work, as a young priest in Paris, shows where are in the journey From Conflict to Communion.


Id rather you stood proudly with Christ and His Church, I’m tired of being played for a fool, if Martin Luther is right, follow him, if the Catholic Church is right, follow her. Stop playing each side and start evangelizing, not compromising.

Martin Luther is a heretic and schismatic, he should not be celebrated or commemorated on his 500th anniversary with those who celebrate him inside a Catholic Church. That is heresy.


Wait a minute. Let me get this straight.

The Catholic Church organizes a public event celebrating the progress made in the relationship between Catholics and Protestants since the last 500 years (not to celebrate Luther or the Reformation, as some blogs with an agenda have been falsely stating).

People gather to protest the event (and you say you support their protest).

Do you see where I am going with this?

I mean, why not take it the next step… write down the reasons for the protest and nail them on the door of that Church? That would have been the traditional thing to do…to be truly good protestants.

And that is what radical fundamentalist pseudo-traditionalism is: neo-protestantism.


Which, of course, is why those who do this need to face ecclesiastical punishment as well civil penalties.


The matter of the relationship between Catholics and Lutherans is quite well summed up by the President and CEO of Ignatius Press, who wrote:

This is quintessential Benedict XVI. And it is, in fact, quintessential Vatican II, which represents on this matter a line of theological development that required a deep, Spirit-guided re-reading of the Church’s tradition and a penetrating and balanced assessment of the situation of divided Christianity following the emergence of Protestantism in the 16th century. Such a re-reading and assessment was willing to let go of polemics and to pursue a purification of mind and heart. (Two helpful works in this regard are Christopher Dawson’s The Dividing of Christendom and Louis Bouyer’s The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism.)

In his address Benedict makes a number of key points regarding Luther. First, there is Luther’s “burning question”, as Benedict puts it: “what is God’s position towards me, where do I stand before God?” This remains the central question of life today, even though many people don’t realize it.

Second, there is Luther’s Christ-centered spirituality. For Luther, “This God has a face, and he has spoken to us. He became one of us in the man Jesus Christ – who is both true God and true man,” explains Pope Benedict. According to Luther, Christ is the interpretative center of the Bible, notes Benedict, which presupposes “that Christ is at the heart of our spirituality and that love for him, living in communion with him, is what guides our life.”

Benedict clearly thinks on both of these points Luther is right and that calling attention to this fact is important for all Christians today.

Pope Benedict in Erfurt


That is precisely correct.


There is a time and a place for ecumenical worship, I assume that this has not replaced the Catholic mass. Having been involved ecumenical services I would not be impressed at a group of Catholics showing up and making an exhibition of themselves.


The determination of the hierarchy has outranked any thought you may have about the matter.


Those suffering angst over these multi denominational services are reminded to go walkabout into the Tanami Desert during the impending Advent/Christmas season, lest they accidently stumble into a taipans nest of rare Christmas carollers, heard and seen commonly at Gothic Cathedrals boasting organs and acoustics.

Then be advised to stay in the Desert hunting up grubs with their Gunyaarn while the rest of us celebrate the potential of smashing those damned heathen Engleesh into Catholic submission under the hallowed willows and baggy greens

Such is life…



Id laugh if it wasn’t so sad and painful, especially considering posts here by those who should know better.

God Bless You.


Thank you JourneyHome.

God Bless You.


Why can’t they hold such a ceremony at a Protestant church? Then the Catholics can bring their statutes of Mary, a large Crucifix, and make the attendees kneel down through the ceremony, not to mention the Eucharist.

Somehow I don’t think that would fly. I bet the Protestants would have a problem with those actions happening in their churches.

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