French Catholics praying reparation Rosary ejected from church by police


It’s not disrespectful to tell the truth. The Council of Trent does outrank him. It’s the highest authority in the church. It’s literally infallible.

I meant no disrespect. If I came across that way I apologize.


I did some digging on French traditionalist forums but couldn’t find anything that would confirm whether or not the woman’s dance was planned. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if it was. No one did anything to stop her and it’s not like there isn’t precedent for liturgical, ahem, “creativity”, in France at actual Masses, let alone ecumenical services… (Jubilee Mass of Religious Vows) (Catholic Mass, Offertory)

The dance at this ecumenical service seems quite tame in comparison…


Is that what you call the Rosary.

I was with you there, but after the initial part, I know this is just a cover for heresy. I will respect Priests and Bishops, but I will also call out heresy and I would also pray aloud the Rosary with those faithful Catholics in making reparation for those offenses before the tabernacle.

Thank you for reading.


It’s reassuring to know this forum represents only a fraction of highly prejudicial opinions and not the Church as a whole. Did anybody here watch the video?

None of the supporters here are disturbed by how loud these boys were being in the middle of a church service? What if there was an ordinary Catholic Mass happening and a dozen protestant Christians came in and started chanting “Go tell it on the mountain” in the middle of the Liturgy of the Eucharist? What if a group of Catholics went into the service at a mosque and started loudly chanting the Rosary in the middle of their worship? What if a group of Muslims walked in on Ash Wednesday and starting singing the hadiths? Should I go on? Did anybody here think this through?

All of the above are both criminal as well as morally deplorable. Why isn’t this common sense? You can’t act like that just because you disagree with what is happening.

This is not religious persecution and there is nothing heroic in what they were doing. This is a group of boys publicly disrupting an event. They 100% deserve to face criminal penalties and might want to think twice about receiving Communion before confessing what they’ve done.


I don’t know too much about what happened in France, but in my diocese, we also had an ecumenical service at our Cathedral. The Blessed Sacrament was removed from the main Tabernacle for the event.
Do we know that the same thing was not done in France?

And, the Bishop is the authority in HIS diocese. What he says, goes. If he is OK with an ecumenical service and allowed it to happen, the way it did, the only people in the wrong are those who tried to stop it.

The Lutherans of today, as much as some of you want to believe it, are not heretics. They are our brothers & sisters in Christ and this type of dialogue and these ecumenical services are a wonderful way to celebrate the things that bind us together, in the hope that someday Christianity is restored to the one, true Church.

The hate, division, and nastiness that are being hurled in this thread is not the way to repair the relationships. But, then again, I don’t think that is what some of you want.

Very sad. :disappointed:


The key phrase here is ordinary Catholic Mass. What is taking place here is not ordinary in any way and is completely offensive to God. Should we just start giving up our Churches to Protestants to do as they please with the House of God? The things that are taking place here are improper and unholy.

Perhaps the boys should have prayed silently instead of aloud, but I am much more troubled with what is going on in that church than some boys praying a rosary.


If you two have read the OP and seen the video, then we have nothing left to discuss.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”



Let’s just put up a hypothetical.

Myself and eight friends walk into the middle of a worship service at a mosque while they are praying and we start singing the rosary. We refuse to stop or leave after being urged multiple times.

The police show up and remove us.

Are we being religiously persecuted or are we the ones doing the persecuting?


Well said. These heroic Catholics demonstrated true zeal for the House of God, for Christ, and for His Holy Mother in the face of appalling sacrilege and blasphemy. I’m sure that Our Lady accepted their rosary with tenderness, as it was undoubtedly consoling to both her and her Divine Son, Who is so bitterly insulted by these sacrilegious celebrations of an event which rended the Mystical Body which He purchased with His Blood on the Cross.


I don’t agree with disrupting religious services. There are other more respectful ways to express your objections to celebrating Martin Luther.


A mosque isn’t a House of God. A Catholic church is. These Catholics saw God’s House being desecrated and called out to Our Lady in reparation and prayerful witness to the Truth.


That isn’t for you to decide. We live in a society with freedom of religion. You can’t disrupt public worship because you don’t like it. You do realize those boys were actually loudly singing in the middle of what was happening?

This isn’t even a hard decision. If anybody did that in a Mass they would be escorted out by the police, and not a single person here would be upset about it.

While we’re at it, let’s forcefully shut down mosques, synagogues, and protestant churches because we don’t agree with their religious beliefs.

Am I the only one here that gets this? You don’t need to be a law student to figure this out.

Let me post my question one more time:

Myself and eight friends walk into the middle of a worship service at a mosque while they are praying and we start singing the rosary. We refuse to stop or leave after being urged multiple times.

The police show up and remove us.

Are we being religiously persecuted or are we the ones doing the persecuting?


Do you really think the purpose of the Rosary is to disrupt a prayer service? I’ve never seen it prayed that way. Do those young men look like they are meditating on the life of Christ? I see one smirking which gives me hope he is at least a little embarrassed by the scene they are making.

You like to throw around the accusation of heresy quite a bit. How is stating that disrupting a prayer service out of religious intolerance is , by definition, persecution heresy? I’m sure you have some theological reasoning behind the charge.


You aren’t really getting it, though. Your raising all kinds of false equivalencies and straw men. You also have the unseemly habit of adding a jabs at the end of your posts that pass judgment on the state of other’s souls.

You keep talking about mosques and synagogues. That misses the point entirely. These Catholic men aren’t disrupting Muslim or Jewish prayer services. They are protecting their own Catholic church from desecration by heretics. The irony of what you are saying is almost unbearable, and that you haven’t noticed it is surprising. It is precisely the Protestants who are guilty of what you are accusing the Catholics in the video of. They are in a Catholic church celebrating their heresies. These Catholic men have every right to make a statement against them in defense of Catholicism and the dignity of God’s house which is being profaned. And even though they were at one point physically assaulted, they stood firm in their recitation of the rosary. Heroic Catholics. May God bless them.


How do you know it’s offensive to God and what if you are wrong?


How is a woman dressed like a priest standing in the Sanctuary of God in front of the tabernacle in which He dwells spouting heresy and celebrating the “Reformation” which has sent countless souls to hell not offensive to God?


You’re the ones doing the persecuting because it’s a Mosque.

Suppose it’s a ‘Catholic Church’ oh wait, it was and that’s exactly where the Rosary should be found.

Suppose It’s protestants celebrating Martin Luther in a Catholic Church?

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


Bingo. I felt like I was taking crazy pills reading his posts!


There is no strawman. It is an almost flawless analogy.

Because even if everything you just said were true, and what was happening was heretical, etc., you have no right to disrupt a public worship service. But I don’t even have to go that far, because bishops are allowed to hold ecumenical services in their cathedrals.

Which is why I am bringing up synagogues or mosques or protestant churches as a parallel. They teach things within their walls that are against Catholic doctrine. That absolutely does not - by even an ounce - give people a right to walk into their public worship and start singing the Rosary. It is an entirely absurd notion to think it is either legal or noble.



God Bless You

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