French Catholics praying reparation Rosary ejected from church by police


Then those Protestants shouldn’t have interrupted the CATHOLIC rosary in a CATHOLIC church.


The church is owned by the Catholic Church, and the person responsible for what happens on its property is the bishop. The protestants who were attending the service were invited there.


Now you’re getting to the REAL problem. There is something gravely amiss in the episcopacy.


There is no real problem. Bishops are allowed to invite protestants to their churches. They’re also allowed to invite Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, and atheists.


How can someone say:

and then say:


There is a little more than ‘invite’ going on when Christ must be removed and it’s on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther with those celebrating the reformation.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


I would have smirked too, not out of embarrassment, but out of sheer disbelief in what was going on inside a Catholic Cathedral and that people thought I was the problem.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and one the whole world.”



The Catholic Church organizes a public event celebrating the progress made in the relationship between Catholics and Protestants since the last 500 years (not to celebrate Luther or the Reformation, as some blogs with an agenda have been falsely stating).

It’s the other way around. Whoever organized this even was celebrating the Reformation and Luther.

First thing to note, is that the Protestant Pastor, was a woman. That’s pretty well a slap in the face to Catholic Doctrine.

Caroline Bretones, the “pastor” of the United Protestant Church of the Marais, was invited to speak in the Catholic parish, dressed in clerics and appearing as a female “priest.”

Second, it was a celebration. I don’t speak French, but even I can see the word, “celebration” in the article written by the Catholic Priest who oversaw the event:

Célébration à l’occasion du 5e centenaire de la Réformation

Third and final note, what business do Catholics have celebrating the event that was a direct result of Luther’s anathematized teachings? Are we now celebrating theological errors?


Repeating an untruth does not cause it to become a truth.

It was not a celebration of the Reformation that was arbitrarily happening in a Catholic Church. It was a celebration of the progress made in healing grievances & building dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholics over the centuries. For those who are students of history, there were actual wars that took place as a result of the Reformation. Cities were divided into separate ghettos for Catholics living in protestant nations or for protestants living in Catholic nations. The entire continent was ruptured and remained that way for a long time.

You don’t agree with the bishop? So be it. But you can’t break the law & crash an event with a mock-Rosary song every time he does something you don’t approve of.


I read that the Vatican has issued a stamp celebrating Martin Luther and the Reformation. Perhaps you should address your question to the Vatican authorities ?


No…they are “protestants” because they are protesting an event organized by the Catholic Church under the authority of the Local Ordinary and with the beneplacit from the Holy See. They call such a position “schismatic”.

Nope. What they did is (A) make a spectacle of themselves and (B) oppose a perfectly licit event celebrating the progress made in the relationship between protestants and Catholics since the beginning of the "Reformation. And since we used to slaughter each other and now we can stand together inside a Catholic Church for an event following Catholic norms, I think there’s indeed much to celebrate.

It is a rad-trad toxic lie to say that they were celebrating the Reformation. Do a fact check and stop spreading the poison of liars, please.


There’s only one person being poisonous here…


The one spreading lies.


Lies are the only way to sustain his arguments. The facts of the situation speak for themselves.


The fact of the situation is that several heroic Catholic men were ejected from a Catholic church for praying the rosary.


There was no “celebration of the Reformation” happening. You have distorted a news story in order to further an agenda that includes disobedience towards both the civil & the religious authorities.


Yup, they did disrupt the event though, and so they should when protestants are celebrating the reformation in a Catholic Cathedral.

Like JourneyHome so perfectly illustrated, when they remove Christ from His cathedral, invite protestants to celebrate their reformation and arrest Catholics praying the rosary disrupting the event, something is seriously, seriously wrong.

God Bless You


More distortion of the facts. Are you doing this on purpose, or do you simply not get it?


But of course, to radical hotheads, white is black if it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside :crazy_face:


Like I said before, my only regret is that I wasn’t there with them making reparation to Our Lord and Our Lady and giving witness. I’m sure many others feel the same.


You’re in ALL CAPS mode now, I see. Who is the “hothead”?

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