French far right National Front 'routed' in key vote


Good to see common sense has prevailed in France in the end.


France’s National Front party failed to win a single region in local election Sunday, exit polls show, after mainstream parties managed to block its candidates including the far-right party’s chief, Marine Le Pen, from taking advantage of leads in several regions.

President François Hollande’s Socialist party won between three and six of the 13 regions in metropolitan France while Nicolas Sarkozy’s Les Républicains party won in 5 to 9 regions, according to the Ipsos polling agency.

The National Front, which won more votes than any other in the election’s first round and were ahead in six regions last Sunday, fell short in the second-round after rivals rallied to ensure that the party would not win any regional presidency.


Vive la France!


As terrorism becomes an even bigger issue, and it will, the FN will do better next time around.


Always that danger of course. Personally I hope not.


I should think the majority of French people are smart enough to see through the artifice and manipulation of the NF. This result has raised my hope in that regard, I was worried about this beforehand.


FN is so far right that they are think abortion should be legal.


The question is not whether the French or other Europeans are smart enough. It is a question of whether there will ever exist a mainstream option that aligns with legitimate concerns over immigration trends in Europe.
Liberals don’t suddenly turn into fascists. The fascists only succeed when the people are given no other voice.


Thank God.


When people choose to dance with the devil there is a problem.


The good news though is that the FN still scored pretty impressive numbers in the vote total


I am so deeply disturbed by your bizarre obsession with neo-fascist and far-right movements. It is consistent and bewildering. :mad:

Considering what happened last century to our benighted European continent, I can assure you that these folk are nothing to sniff at. They are dangerous.


“Good” news you say?


Surely you mean the bad news?


The big picture would suggest that today’s results only delay what might be inevitable down the road. Despite their defeat, the FN has seen a significant rise in support. Their share of the vote has tripled in five years. Should this trend continue, success could come in the next election or two. Fifteen years ago, this was unthinkable.


So, I’m guessing most of the reaction to their defeat is because of pro-immigration stances, and not because of abortion?

How sad.


Do any political parties in France support legal restrictions on abortion?


Not at all - fascists arise from poor economic and social conditions, wherein arbitrary notions of nationalistic sentiment motivate one group of people to assign blame to those they percieve as another group, as encroaching on their resources. Limited altruism.

Fascism is the result of people being denied their voice, it’s the result of their irrational fears.

Abortion, and social conservatism in general, is only relevant in the United States. Almost every mainstream party in Europe is socially liberal to some degree. It is not remotely sad that this victory over fascism has been one on a platform of charity and inclusiveness.


R.I.P France.


This is good news.

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