French Muslims complain of assaults, ostracism after Paris attacks

PARIS: Riding the Paris Metro to the city’s Grand Mosque for prayers, Samia Mahfoudia says people shoot sideways looks at her “almost as if they were saying 'Get off.”’
Ahmed El Mziouzi, a Moroccan who has called France home for 42 years, says he’s seen people staring at Muslims like him “a bit bizarrely” since attackers claiming to be acting in the name of Islam massacred 130 people, traumatizing the city.

These are tough times for France’s Muslims. Muslims were among both the dead and the hundreds of wounded in the Paris attacks. Muslims across Paris and the world also reacted with shock, horror and anger at the indiscriminate slaughter. In the French capital, Muslims have visited the makeshift shrines of flowers and candles outside the Bataclan concert hall and the cafes where the attackers mowed down victims in cold blood.

I don’t think the French Muslims have a reason to complain. They should rather be very compassionate, understanding and tolerant.

The French people are very passionate in a nationalistic way. They would have every right to rise up and demand the expulsion of all French Muslims from their country.

I think the French are showing a huge amount of admirable restraint.

They would have the right to demand the expulsion of an estimated 7.7 million French Muslims, who had nothing to do with the tragic events on November 13??? Really??

I know…it sounds terrible but…they are the French. They have different rights than we do. Maybe they will create a right. Maybe they will drop a bomb on Mecca…who knows…they are the French and they will get even.

maybe these French muslims should complain to ISIS!

Would that include the families of those French Muslims killed by the terrorists?

The French are not going to drop bombs on Mecca. Perhaps it is a desire of others that they will but that will not happen, they will continue their military activities in Syria but dropping bombs on Mecca is reactionary talk which is ultimately pointless. It’s no more to be wished for than dropping bombs on the Vatican or Rome.

Wow. You just keep coming up with whoppers. Have you no sense of charity at all?

Let us all pray that those rightfully angered at terrorist attacks may not play into Satan’s hands by despising and treating cruelly their brothers and sisters who had nothing to do with them.



Good question.

Let us not forget the families of the Muslim terrorists

I know …it does sound reactionary. :o

Interesting to note that the Vatican doubled its security the day after the Paris Massacre.

I would venture a guess that it was business-as-usual at Mecca.

Let us not forget the families of ALL affected, I was not talking of the families of the terrorists, numerous Muslims were killed in the attacks besides the terrorists. Even the death of the terrorists itself is however a sad waste of human potential and something to be regretted.

You know, Billy, that is hardly my point.

It is my intention to inform people of the potential danger posed by fanatical jihadists and hope they join me in doing something about it. I do wish the best for all innocent people.

But…thanks for the prayers.

Yes, let us hope no innocent persons whether Christian, Muslim.Hindu, Atheist or of any other faith or none are killed by terrorism.

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