French 'net piracy' bill passed

A necessary measure.


I’m surprised the bill was passed. I thought it was dead after getting voted down last month.

The new law would put France in opposition to the EU on this matter.

The French National Assembly ignored a vote last week by the European Parliament and approved its “Cr?ation et Internet” three-strikes bill on Tuesday.

The measure supported by French President Nicolas Sarkozy punishes digital pirates by suspending Internet service if they are caught illegally sharing copyrighted material. The vote comes a little more than a month after the same government body rejected the proposal.

It seems the vote by the French Assembly is in direct opposition to the European Parliament, which last week passed a measure prohibiting EU governments from terminating a user’s Internet access without a court order. The European Parliament also adopted an amendment that said, “Internet access is a fundamental right such as the freedom of expression and the freedom to access information.”

Should other nations adopt similar laws?

Yes. There is a fundamental difference between access to information and stealing (file sharing) works under copyright. WWW does not mean Wild Wild West. The sheriff is coming to town. Already, Marvel Comics and DC Comics have gone after pirate sites. And Pirate Bay was nothing but a blatant enabler.

The EU is missing the fact that the rights of legitimate copyright holders means something. Damages are real.


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