French online forums overflow with hate over Israel offensive



Keyboard commandos. :shrug:

It’s easy to sit behind a computer in the West and troll around.

Try living in Israel.


That’s no surprise… remember who it was trying to burn down Paris a few years back?


Yes indeed, and who tried to blow up the Eiffel Towel and the Louvre Gallery with all the magnificent paintings, yes you have guessed the Religion of Peace, who hides there civilians in between there missiles, who hits Israel every day with Rocket attacks and no let up, no Country in the World would allow Missiles to be thrown at it in the hundreds day in and day out yes of course The Religion of Peace.


There were riots just this Sunday in Paris/Sarcelles over the Gaza conflict.


The French Govt should kick them all out of France it has nothing to do with France, and if they destroy property of bystanders jail time is called, I am going to write to the French Govt myself , you don’t see Israel doing this carry on in spite of two jewish people being killed in Paris Museum a few months ago, and Israel having to put up with Rocket attacks every day.

They obviously think Bully Boy tactics will work around the world, but all it shows, they are bullies, and obnoxious ones at that when they cannot get there own way.

God Bless the Jewish people and Christians descended from this Religion of Abraham.


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